Tuesday, 7 January 2014

L'oreal Skin Perfection Miracle Cleansing Oil Review

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Hello Everyone!

Today we are discussing the new cleansing oil from L'oreal.
I have been in love with the micellar solution by L'oreal for the past few months but inevitably I ran out so I popped to Boots to grab a new one but sadly they didn't have any in and as I was in a rush I panic bought another offering from L'oreal and trotted off home in a huff.

Sure it looked pretty, all orange packaging and the tantalising word 'NEW' screaming at me from the label, but it wasn't the micellar solution I wanted, still I had makeup to remove so I resigned to my fate and headed off to start my routine.
I read the instructions and followed them to the letter, 2-3 pumps of oil into clean hands and rub onto face then rinse with warm water.
The bottle claims that it is a non greasy formula and will even remove waterproof makeup along with impurities, whilst the oil formula rebalances the skin's natural oil production for healthy looking skin.

Still I was sceptical, I knew and loved my micellar solution but I opened the bottle, popped 3 pumps into my hand (I was wearing benefit's 'They're Real' I needed as much help as possible getting that off my lashes as any 'They're Real' fan will know, it is pretty difficult to remove) and slathered it on my face. I couldn't help notice the pleasant smell, slightly sweet but not too obvious of a scent, and it actually didn't feel greasy on the skin, one look in the mirror though and I was shocked, my mascara was all over my face! It literally had taken me the time to run some water in my sink to remove my mascara!
I rinsed my face in warm water as instructed and all my makeup came off, I just had to wipe around my eyes to get the bits stuck in the lash line but this was over in seconds.
As promised, there was no greasy residue and I didn't notice any stinging at all which I often get with makeup removers.

I have been using this ever since, I won't be going back to my micellar solution any time soon, I think this will be a firm favourite for quite some time, although I can't say for certain that this has re-balanced my skin's natural oil production, I can say this gets the job done, fast.

What do you use to take your makeup off? Will you be trying this new oil?

Toodles xxx



  1. Great review, I love this product too! The loreal range really seems to agree with my skin, and this is a firm fave!


  2. It is lovely isn't it. I'm so glad I bought it on a whim xx

  3. I'm curious to try this, but I'm not sure how would I get along with it since my eyes are extremely sensitive...


    1. If you have very sensitive eyes I would give this a miss as it can sting a little as it gets into the eyes but on your face it would be fine, try straight olive oil for getting off mascaras etc it shouldn't sting or hurt you, it works and it's cheap :) xx

  4. This sounds really nice! I bought L'Oreal's Micellar Water but I really don't think it is as good as everyone keeps saying it is - it makes my skin very red which I don't expect from a micellar solution! I might give this oil a try next time I need a cleanser :) xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    1. I hope you get on with it it's my new ultimate love :) xx


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