Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lord and Berry Glazed Pink Lipstick Review

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Hello Everyone!

Today I have a review of a lipstick by Lord and Berry in the shade 'Glazed Pink' which is supposed to be a satin finish but I personally found it to be more of a frost finish.
I am somewhat unfamiliar with Lord and Berry and their products, I have seen the brand floating around now and then but this is my first foray into their world.

Lord and Berry Glazed Pink Lipstick Review

Starting with the packaging which was really nice, I love a sleek, black design for lipsticks,  they look very grown up and expensive. I also like the font on the tube too.
The lipstick is longer than a MAC lipstick but they are around the same thickness.

Lord and Berry Glazed Pink Lipstick Review

On to the actual product, when you take the lid off you might be reminded of 'Angel' by MAC by the appearance in the bullet, however, that's where the comparisons end.
The Lord and Berry intensity lipsticks are enriched with macadamia oil and waterlily extracts to keep the lips hydrated and I certainly found it to be a comfortable wear, not at all drying, however, that was the only thing I liked about this lipstick.

Lord and Berry Glazed Pink Lipstick Review

As you can see from the swatch, it appears that this will be a pretty dusty rose pink on the lips, wrong.

Lord and Berry Glazed Pink Lipstick Review

This is not bad lighting, my lips appeared just that pale, now some people like very pale nude lips, not me, it makes me look ill and there is no way I can carry it off, after the swatch on my arm I assumed I would be safe with this, not so. In person it actually looked a bit lilac, with a frost, it was not the most flattering, I looked a bit like I was slipping into hypothermia...
As for application, although the arm swatch went well, on the lips it was another story, it applied very patchy and I had to go over it a couple of times to get an even colour, when I did get it looking even I noticed it was sinking into my lip lines and looking cakey.
All in all this is a shame as these lipsticks retail at around the £13 mark and are nothing in comparison with a high street brand such as Revlon.
Then there is the smell, quite honestly this smells like an old lady lipstick, a bit musty, not the best.
As I've said, this was my first foray into their lipsticks (I also have a liner waiting to make an appearance on this blog) but it is certainly my last.  

The Sparkles 5:

Overall, this lipstick (unsurprisingly) didn't score very highly.
I gave it 0/5 for Lust Factor as it really isn't a nice lipstick, it isn't limited edition which sometimes adds lust to an average performing lipstick, the colour is patchy and even built up just isn't a nice colour.
Wear Time was poor to average, around the 2 hour mark.
Formula was nice to wear as it didn't drag on the lips and it certainly didn't dry my lips out, but the application was patchy and difficult to build. The lipstick sank into my lip lines and looked a bit cakey after building up so again that wasn't good.
Pigmentation was just on average as it wasn't a sheer lipstick it was just patchy.
Packing was good, the sleek black tube with the smart white writing was a yes for me and that is why it got a 4/5.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review everyone, have you tried Lord and Berry? Did you have a better experience than I did?

Toodles xxx



  1. i have this also but it did not last long at all
    could barely tell i had it on
    great read hun
    The Inked Blonde

    1. Has it put u off lord and berry? It has me x

  2. That's a shame because it does look like a nice shade initially. I have quite pale skin anyway, so pale lips shades make me look slightly odd! I would have been gutted with this!

    I love your rating system hun, the star is such a good idea!

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs

  3. Hiya, yes I think you have to have a bit more colour to you than I do to rock the nudes, glad you like the star it's my new thing this year :) xx


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