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Face The World Overnight Serum Review and Giveaway

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Hello Everyone,
Today I am reviewing a skincare item that often gets neglected as people often overlook the importance of it, that item my friends, is a serum.
A good serum is an important part of a daily skincare, they have a higher concentration of active ingredients than other skincare products, they are usually oil, water or silicone based and sink into the deeper layers of your skin.
The serum I am reviewing today is the 'Overnight Skin-Booster Serum' from Face the World.

I will start off by saying I didn't buy this product, I was lucky enough to win it in a Twitter competition, it just so happened that I was looking for a new serum to try so I couldn't believe my luck!
Face the World is a UK based holistic massage and natural skincare company owned by Liz Badger, they have a range of paraben-free, cruelty-free and ethically sourced products. The products don't contain animal products and are made in the UK.
I personally love UK based products as I like the idea of cutting down the air miles and helping the world stay that little bit greener.

Now lets talk about the packaging, as you all know, I love my products to look a bit special and this serum hits the criteria.
A glass bottle with silver lid and bottom looks classy and spa like, the bottle says 'Luxury' to me, and that is something I love, I want to feel like I'm treating my skin to the royal princess treatment, after all, you only get one lot of skin and so it is important to treat it with love.
The middle glass section is see through so not only can you see the product, but you can also see as you are running low and when it is time for a repurchase, there's nothing worse than thinking you still have product left only to run out mid use, so again this gets the big thumbs up from me.
Inside the lid is a pump, I love pumps, there is much less waste this way and you get the same amount of product each time, all looking pretty good.

On to the actual product itself...

This is one pump's worth on the side of my wrist, one pump is enough to cover my entire face.
Serum is best applied after you have cleansed and toned, then followed up with your moisturiser, I personally allow a couple of minutes for the serum to sink in before I add my moisturiser (a good time to brush your teeth in your nightly routine) I find this stops me getting oily or overloading my skin.
Application is quite frankly, a joy. The serum smooths onto the skin easily, gliding across the contours of your face leaving a silky smoothness as is sinks in and gets to work.
There is a scent that is pretty similar to that of Bourjois products, a musky rose scent but it certainly isn't too overpowering.
The list of active ingredients is quite impressive, each with a nice little benefit to your skin, some of these include:
Rosehip Oil: 
This is a vegetable oil rich in omega 3 and 6. It is also the only vegetable oil that contains Vitamin A which is reportedly good for skin infections. The fatty acids help in the restoration and maintenance of the moisture balance in the skin.
Evening Primrose Oil: 
Another oil rich in fatty acids to maintain the moisture balance in the skin and is often used to soothe and repair dry skin.
Wheatgerm Oil:
This has a high conconcentration of anti-oxidants.
Wheat Seed Extract:
Derived from wheat and reported to help fight against skin ageing and help with skin renewal.
Vitamins A and E: 
Vitamin A is reported to improve the appearance of mature, sun damaged and dry skin. It delivers hydration to the skin while smoothing and softening. Vitamin E is known for its anti-oxidant properties. It is also reported to help with scar reduction.
Meadowfoam Oil:
Made from the seeds of flowers this oil contains the fatty acids that help in moisturising and conditioning the skin.
Shea Butter:
A unique fatty acid that melts at body temperature making it perfect for use in skincare, naturally soothing and protective, this is a popular and well known ingredient.

I have been using this product as part of my night time routine for a month now and I have noticed a massive improvement in my skin, I have much softer and smoother skin than I did a month ago, my hubby has never been so full of compliments, he even asked what makeup I was wearing the other day and it was just bare skin!
I noticed an improvement in condition very early on in my time of using this serum, my skin just felt so baby soft to the touch.
All in all I am LOVING this serum and I am so glad I won it, if you are in the market for a new serum it might be worth picking this one up from the 'Face the World' website.

Now on to the exciting bit, one of you lucky readers can also win a bottle of this gorgeous serum, I have been speaking to the lovely Liz Badger and she has very kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway on this blog so that one of you can join me in my baby soft skin club!
Good Luck! The giveaway is a Rafflecopter giveaway, just fill in the information below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Toodles xxx

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