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Dior Trianon 5 Couleurs Limited Edition Palette in Pink Pompadour Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I have an exciting review for you, the Pink Pompadour palette from the Dior Spring 2014 collection.

Dior Trianon 5 Couleurs Limited Edition Palette in Pink Pompadour

This collection has been inspired by the private estate of Marie-Antoinette and 18th Century Aesthetics. Dior say that the magic of Versailles has been captured by the powdery colours and the Fontanges bows that adorn the powders.
There were so many pieces I have been lusting over from spring collections but this palette was up there at the top end of my wish list so I was thrilled to add it to my collection.

Dior Trianon 5 Couleurs Limited Edition Palette in Pink Pompadour

The outer packaging of Dior makeup is iconic, navy blue with 'Dior' imprinted in silver on the lid, turn the palette in the light and a holographic 'CD' becomes visible in a lighter blue colour.
This limited edition palette is the same size as regular Dior 5 Couleurs palettes which is nice as it means it will store well with other Dior palettes if you are into keeping your palettes together by brand.

Dior Trianon 5 Couleurs Limited Edition Palette in Pink Pompadour

Inside are the 5 colours, 4 have the bow detailing and the middle shade has 'Dior' imprinted into the powder.
The bow detailing is so beautiful, when I first saw pictures of it popping up on social media sites I was smitten, I love the girly look with the bow on pastel shades. Beautiful.

Dior Trianon 5 Couleurs Limited Edition Palette in Pink Pompadour

Spring collections are traditionally pinks and pastels and pretty same old same old which is why I usually forgo investing in many Spring offerings, this year however, although still pinky pastels, the collections seem to be really on the ball in terms of desirability.
Just look at the above picture, how beautiful is that?
Although here in the UK we seem to be entering further into deepest darkest Winter and Spring seems like a mirage on the horizon, it hasn't stopped me wearing this palette already, and ladies and gentlemen... this is more than lust, this is love.
The colours compliment one another really well, blend easily and last all day without creasing or fading, I got a good solid 10 hour wear out of them!
Now there is one 'dud' shade, the middle one, none of the background shade colour seems to transfer, what you do get however, is a beautiful purple toned iridescent glitter. This could easily be worked as a top shade to add more sparkle, an inner corner highlight or a brow bone shimmer. The other shades are pretty highly pigmented to make up for it.

Shade number 1 is a light frosted pink with cool undertones (Top left of the palette)

Shade 2 is very unique, is is a pastel khaki with cool toned frosting. In my vast eyeshadow collection I don't own anything even similar to this. (Top right of the palette)

Shade 3 is the middle 'dud' shade, you can see the sparkle though.

Shade 4 is a satin purple shade with more blue undertone. (bottom left)

Shade 5 is a gorgeous bubblegum pink. (bottom right)

Natural Daylight

The Sparkles 5:

Dior Trianon 5 Couleurs Limited Edition Palette in Pink Pompadour Review

As you can see this palette scores 21.5/25 on my Sparkle Scale.
Wear time as mentioned earlier is fantastic, I wore this over Urban Decay Primer Potion and I had 10 hours wear without creasing or fading which is fantastic and therefore it won 5/5.
Formula was awarded 4 because the shades blend together well, wear brilliantly and have superb pigmentation, that is apart from the middle shade, which is just glitter really and so this category dropped a point.
Pigmentation was 3.5 because, as I have already covered, the middle shade doesn't have much base pigmentation.
Packaging gets 4/5 because I love Dior packaging, it is iconic and classy, however I would have liked some limited edition packing with the limited edition palette and so a point was lost here.
Lust factor is a good solid 5/5 because, lets face it, this is absolutely beautiful, it is almost a shame to actually use this palette as it looks so perfect. The limited edition factor was also a good way to get me lusting!

Overall I love this palette and I'm so glad that I have it, what do you think? Are you picking up any limited edition palettes this spring?

Toodles xxx



  1. This looks like such a lovely palette, the attention to detail is amazing. Just a shame its not to pigmented! x

    1. I know, the 4 pigmented shades are fantastic though x

  2. I always lust after Dior palettes at the counter, this one looks amazing

    1. I do too I just love dior. And ysl... And many more lol x

  3. Working at dior and not buying everything is extremely difficult right now! This palette is just gorg! Genna at Lipstick Crush

    1. Wow you work at Dior? That would be my wages straight out the door if I worked there lol xx

  4. I love dior eyeshadows they are so nice and creamy almost like butter!!

    I am running a giveaway over on my blog, besure to check it out and enter.


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