Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bare Minerals Eye Shadow Duo in 'The Magic Word' Review

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Hello Everyone!
Today I am reviewing the eye shadow duo called 'The Magic Word' from Bare Minerals.
This eye shadow is a limited edition duo from the 'Crystallized Full Face Collection' that you can pick up for £49.00 on Feel Unique.
The Crystallized Full Face Collection contains:

- bareMinerals Steam Eyecolor (metallic silver shimmer) 0.57g
- bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 The Magic Wand (almond satin/shimmering slate) 3g
- bareMinerals Mesmerized Liner Shadow (dark charcoal) 0.28g
- bareMinerals Lash Domination 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara Intense Black 11ml
- bareMinerals Golden Gate Radiance All-Over Face Color 0.85g
- bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick Break Away (luscious mauve) 3.5g
- bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss Hypnotist (holographic violet-peach) 4.5ml
- bareMinerals Double-Ended Shade & Line Brush

And here it is...

I love the packaging on Bare Minerals compacts, a sleek, mirrored, slimline case with the Bare Minerals logo imprinted on the front.
It is chic and simple and I think it looks stunning, my only gripe is that unless you wear velvet gloves when applying your makeup, this case is going to get fingerprints all over it, cue OCD cleaning of the case before, during and after each use.

Inside the palette are the two shades and a little eye brush, I personally don't use these brushes for applying my makeup but I do use them for arm swatches so I appreciate the inclusion of it in the compact.

As you can see the shimmer travels around a bit but if you tap your brush off and wear a primer on your eyes there shouldn't be any fall out on your face, at least I didn't notice any on mine.
The two shades are called 'Presto' (a shimmery champagne colour) and 'Abracadabra' (a blue toned slate grey) and the two shades work in perfect unity to create a quick and easy everyday eye combo, I use 'Presto' as a lid colour and then I go in with 'Abracadabra' in the crease. 
Blending is easy as the shades are soft and beautifully formulated, I would say that this would be a good duo for someone getting into more advanced makeup as it would be an easy introduction to working a contrast shade into your crease without too much being likely to go wrong.
The shimmer is subtle enough to be daytime wear as it is very fine, that also means you can happily use 'Presto' as an inner corner highlight without the worry of it getting into your eyes and causing irritation as more chunky glitters can do (mind you I cant speak for what happens if you actually get it into your eye as this didn't happen to me)

In the swatch you can see these shades are very highly pigmented and the micro shimmer reflects the light beautifully. This swatch is in natural daylight over Benefit's 'Stay Don't Stray' primer.
Wear time for me was a good 8-9 hours without fading, however I did get a bit of creasing by the end of these 8-9 hours and this was with Urban Decay Primer Potion. If you have dryer eyelids than me this might not be an issue for you but if like me you are prone to a bit of oil, make sure you wear a primer as I imagine the wear time would be cut lower if there is nothing acting as a barrier between your lid and the shadow.

The Sparkles 5:

As you can see, this did pretty well scoring 21.5 out of 25.
I awarded 4/5 for wear time as, for a shimmer, they are pretty long wearing but did drop a point due to the creasing I experienced.
Formula won 5/5 as the shimmer is so fine and beautiful making it really wearable even if you are usually more of a matte girl. The blendability of these shades also added to this final score, I was really impressed.
Pigmentation is another 5/5 as you don't need to build up to get an intense result, I find this quite rare in shades like 'Presto' as pale shades are usually poorer pigmentation and need building - not the case here.
Packaging is 4/5 because, although stunning, the fingerprint issue left me a little emotionally scarred.
Lust Factor won 3.5/5 because just to look at the shades in the pan I don't think you would be immediately drawn to them, it is only after I swatched these that I fell in love.

I hope you enjoyed this review, do you have this duo? What do you love from Bare Minerals?

Toodles xxx



  1. I love the Bare Minerals Packaging so pretty and these colours are gorgeous

    Carrieanne x

  2. I love Bare Minerals so much - beautiful colours!! xxx

  3. These are some gorgeous colours! I love the blue the most! Gorgeous palette, thanks for the link i'm following hun! x

    1. Thank you :) I like the bluey one best too xx


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