Monday, 8 December 2014

Season of Giving - Gift and Befriend

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is a little different but very fitting for this time of year.

As you all will know, Christmas is fast approaching and all around us we are reminded of all the traditional merriment, plenty food, warmth, family and the giving (and receiving) of gifts.

For me, the giving of gifts is what makes my Christmas perfect, that moment of satisfaction when you know that you have given someone a wonderful present you know they will love.
Alongside this gifting is the charitable donations many of us make around this time of year, after-all, it would seem a little immoral not to think of those less fortunate than ourselves during a season of such happiness and giving, that being said, with the website ''Gift and Befriend' you can combine helping those less fortunate than yourself with a gift you know they will love as they have chosen it themselves!

Gift and Befriend is a website set up to provide less fortunate people all around the world with their perfect gifts using an amazon wish list, in a nutshell, you choose a recipient from one of the many profiles on the site and after looking at their pictures and videos, purchase one (or more) of the items from their amazon wish lists, these items often contain items like school books, clothes, household items etc. Once purchased, Amazon will deliver the parcel to the person direct (or to an address they have chosen) so you don't have to worry about postage etc.
Membership is free and there are no admin costs so every penny you spend goes to your chosen recipient.

Esha  is one of the potential recipients on the website

Esha is 19 years old and has a small son, Esha was sponsored through education but unfortunately the sponsor died before her education was complete leaving her with no other option but return to poverty, she struggles to feed and dress herself and her son.
Esha is just one of many on this website, all with their own stories to tell.

I hope you found this post interesting and had a look at the page, make sure you tell your friends and spread the word about this webpage, especially during this festive season!

Toodles Everyone xx

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Best Christmas Dresses

Hi Everyone!

Today we are discussing CHRISTMAS!!!!
Yes I know it's only November and Christmas is bursting onto the scene already, some people love it some people hate it but either way... Dresses my friends, dresses.

So I have been browsing various websites looking for a perfect dress (or 10) for the festive season, nothing wrong with a bit of pre planning!

I have found, what I consider to be 6 of the best available so far, enjoy!

Poppy Lux Hollie Dress  | Poppy Lux Ruby Dress | Tammy Contrast Chiffon Dress | Gold Sequin Zig Zag Split Maxi Dress | Orange Textured Prom Dress | Sequin Dance With Me Dress

Toodles xxx

Monday, 3 November 2014

Joe Browns Winter Collection

Hello Everyone!

Today we are looking at a little bit of fashion, I love Autumn Winter fashion and get way more excited about releases than I do over Spring Summer collections.

Joe Browns have been a favourite of mine for years due to their quirky style and unique pieces all based upon ideas gathered from all over the world, without further ado, here are my top 6 picks than I'm currently drooling over and plan on adding to my collection asap.

Vintage Floral Print Dress | Stand Out Blouse | Funky Button Mary Jane Shoes | Longline Sovereignty Jacket | Parisian Palace Tunic | Beautiful Burnout Flock Tunic

Hope you enjoyed this post and don't lust too much!

Toodles xxx

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Eye of Horus - Scarab Sapphire Goddess Eye Pencil

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm showing you the newest release from Eye of Horus, the new Goddess Eye Pencil in 'Scarab Sapphire'. *PR Sample

Goddess pencils are a combination of waxes in creamy matte or metallic finishes that can be also used as an eyeshadow too. They are long wearing and glide on easily to make wear time as comfortable as possible.
One selling point for me is the formulation of Eye of Horus products is uniquely made in the style of of the ancient Egyptians using plant based ingredients and are designed for sensitive eyes... Being a bit of an ancient Egypt fan and history buff - this drew me in.

The packaging is rather mystical looking, gold on black looks luxurious and coupled with the Eye of Horus logo, it is certainly an eye catching yet classic design.

The pencil itself does indeed glide on like a dream, no pulling or tugging here at all, the pigmentation is beautiful and eye catching, depending on how you layer or smudge the product you can have a subtle colour pop or you can layer and smudge away to be left with an amazing statement look that lasts all day.

I tried this pencil numerous times and was left deeply impressed and certainly intregued enough to want to try more pieces from the line.
I created two eye looks to show you how I personally used the pencil which you will see below, in the 'statement eye' column I used the Eye of Horus pencil on my waterline and upper lash line, I used Illamasqua's Reflection Palette  on my lid (using colours 'Precipice' and 'Graphica' and then used the smudged Eye of Horus pencil on my outer eye and in the crease, as you can see it left a beautiful effect.

In the 'neutral eye' column I used the Illamasqua Refection Palette again but just using the shade 'Precipice' for a more neutral look, I then lined my upper lid and smudged a little along the bottom lashline for a little colour pop.
I personally loved both looks, I hope you enjoy them too.

What do you think of this eye pencil? Have you tried anything from the brand?
Toodles xxx

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Nails Inc Edinburgh Gate Dupe - Elf Chic Confetti

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post today to share with you an amazing dupe I have found for a much loved glitter nail polish by Nails Inc called 'Edinburgh Gate'.

As you know I love trying new beauty products but I also enjoy saving money wherever possible, that's why I love finding a dupe that matches a high end brand for quality as well as initial appearance.

'Edinburgh Gate' is a gorgeous glitter polish from Nails Inc, featuring flecs of contrasting colour is it quite a unique glitter that is perfect for the Autumn/Winter when things start getting sparkley, unfortunately, this was a limited edition release and is hard to come by now, enter Elf.
'Chic Confetti' features the same colour combination and in my opinion, a comparable quality formula for a fraction of the price (Nails Inc polishes tend to cost anywhere up to £16 whereas this Elf polish will set you back £2.50!)

The only real difference I can see on the two colours is that the Elf version has some slightly larger glitter pieces in their mix but you have to really REALLY be looking to spot that on your nails.
If you decide to pick up the Elf polish have a browse at the Blush and Bronze Powder Contour Duo - you can thank me later.

Toodles xxx

Friday, 10 October 2014

Quick Book Review - Spare Brides by Adele Parks

Hello Everyone,

Today I'm doing a new kind of post - a quick book review.
I've seen book reviews popping up on other blogs I follow and I love reading them so I thought I would add my two pence worth.

Hope you enjoy it!

First off, I'd like to apologise for the state of my copy of this book, it came everywhere when I was reading it and it ended up a tad tattered.

Spare Brides is unlike any of Adele Parks' previous books, it is actually her first foray into writing a period novel.
The story is centred around 4 women in the aftermath of the Great War, unlike previous  books by Parks, these women aren't your ordinary, everyday women, these women are high society - the 'elite' if you will.
The 4 women are called Lydia (the real lead character - appears to be traditional) Ava (American 'new money' with a carefree flamboyance and a rebel attitude) Beatrice (unattractive spinster desperate to secure a husband) and Sarah (a widow with two young children).

The book is very well written and the attention to detail is fantastic as we follow the daily lives of these 4 women torn apart by the hardship of war and the loss of so many men.
We watch Ava carelessly sleep around and act in a carefree way more befitting to the 60s than the 20s (perhaps the Americans hit the sexual revolution before the UK did...)
We watch Sarah fade into the background until we start nearing the end of the book, we discover Lydia isn't as she seems and we watch Beatrice come across desperate as she relentlessly tries to snare any man who is single (although we are constant reminded that she is just not pretty enough).

I struggled to get into this book, I normally love Adele Parks but this book did nothing for me in the fact that I didn't like any of the characters and thus I found myself not really caring what happened to them which was a shame.
I found the conversation between the women and their inner monologues to be a bizarre mash up of modern times and 20s cliché.

Having had a look online, most the reviews seem positive so my opinion might be in the minority so don't let it put you off trying this book if you wish but bear in mind that Parks has written much better books in the past and in my opinion, this one just doesn't cut it.

I hear she is writing another historical novel which I will be giving a miss but I'm looking forward to her return to more familiar waters.

And there we have it,
I hope you enjoyed this quick review.
Toodles xxx

Thursday, 9 October 2014

My Autumn Nail Favourites

Hello Everyone!

Autumn has finally arrived, the leaves are turning yellow, red, orange and brown and the nights are drawing in.
Fashion and beauty is as its best in Autumn in my opinion and so I've been dying to put away my summer colours (I'm looking at you vegas volt!) and pull out the darks, so without further ado, I bring to you, my top 5 nail colours of the season.

1. 'Taboo' by Chanel

Not the cheapest option here but this is by far, one of the most beautiful nail polishes I've ever seen. It is like a galaxy print in a bottle with the purple/blue colour that looks fuscia in certain lights.
The micro shimmer and light reflective colour make this a multi dimensional polish that is hard to capture on camera but is stunning in person.

2. 'Facet' by Illamasqua

This is another multi-toned nail colour, with a taupe/mushroom base coupled with gold shimmer, the overall effect is autumn in a bottle, beautiful and earthy in one, the golden shimmer looks like an Autumn sunset through the leaves (call me a romantic but it's true)
Illamasqua nail varnishes are my favourite higher end nail paints and I own more bottles than I should admit to, but this one is very special to me.

3. 'Kink' by Illamasqua

Another Illamasqua offering here with this unusual shade, a bottle green that compliments an Autumnal colour palette well.
If you're looking for something simple yet unique, this is your fella, it is also a surprising break from the plumb and blood red tones that flood the market at this time of year.

4. 'Countess' by Barry M

If Illamasqua is my favourite high end go-to for nail varnish, then Barry M has to take the high-street crown, I have loved Barry M nail polishes for many years and have so many favourites, 'Countess' is one of them.
With light catching gold shimmer, this colour can look brown in the bottle, however, once applied, the purple base really comes through and the gold shimmer becomes more of a background compliment rather than being 'in your face' glitter-tastic.
See the swatch above to note how different this looks out the bottle than in!

5. 'Gorgeous Grape' by Leighton Denny

This was my first foray into Leighton Denny nail polish and I wasn't disappointed, this is a more transitional shade from Summer to Autumn for those who aren't quite ready to switch to muted colours just yet.
I would describe this as a darkened fuscia and can be quite the statement colour for those of you who prefer to keep statement colours to your hands rather than your face.
Also, a nod to the pretty bottle too!

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have written an autumn nail post please link me I'd love to see your favourites.

Toodles xxx


Monday, 6 October 2014

Perfume Tips for Sensitive Noses

Hello Everyone!

Today's post is for those of you who love the idea of perfumes but can't wear them because they have sensitive noses, I am one of these people, wearing a fragrance can often leave me with a throbbing nose or a headache meaning that for a couple of years I avoided perfume altogether, however, I devised a few tips for myself that helped and now, I love perfume!

Tip Number 1:
Control the amount you use, although it can be tempting to press the spritz button several times, the reality of that is an overpowering scent, you will more than likely end up with a headache within the hour and your friends and family will smell you about 10 mins before you arrive!
Stick to two squirts at the most - this might seem a small amount but remember, you're trying to deal with a sensitive nose here.

Tip Number 2:
Rather than spraying your perfumes onto your body, try spraying a scarf, that way you can carry your scent around all day and if it all gets too much then you can just take the scarf off, simple!
Word of warning, some perfumes can stain so make sure you test this perfume on your scarf in a small unnoticeable spot first and never ever spray a silk scarf, they're more likely to show a stain and also they are generally more expensive.

Tip Number 3:
For a more subtle scent that is unlikely to cause you a headache or irritate your nose, don't spray yourself or any of your clothing, instead, spray the air infront of you then walk through it, this way the scent particles stick to various parts of you so that the smell is not concentrated in one area and the overall effect is a subtle fragrance.

Tip Number 4:
If you have been avoiding perfumes for a while, an expensive perfume can be very strong as a starter scent, try buying yourself a body mist instead, that way you can work your way into perfumes without spending a lot (incase you don't get on with it) and also body mists tend to be weaker than actual perfumes.

Tip Number 5:
Finally, if you just can't get on with body mists or perfumes but still want a signature scent, try adding a few drops of essential oil to water and splash yourself with it in the morning, I'm talking a couple of drops in a whole sink of water. You're going for a hint of scent here, essential oils are very concentrated do they must be very well diluted if you're going to wear them on yourself.

There we have it!
Have you used any of these tips yourself?

Toodles xxx


Monday, 22 September 2014

Colorsport - Rapid Lash-Gro Eyeliner Review

Hello Everyone!

Today we have a little review post of the Lash-Gro Eyeliner by Colorsport.

It's no secret that I am a bit of an eyeliner lover, it was one of the very first items of makeup I ever tried (just behind eyeshadow which was my gateway cosmetic...) and so I an always on the look out for different types, colours and applicators.

Enter Colorsport Lash-Gro, an eyeliner with an eyelash serum incorporated into the formula. This formula claims to give the lashes a fuller look in 4-8 weeks. I already have quite full eyelashes anyway so I can't comment there but using the actual eyeliner is a breeze, with it's long handle that is easy to grip, achieving a fine line is relatively easy, the formula is very wet which means that you can easily draw a cat-eye or dramatic line look in one swoop with no tugging on the delicate eye area (tugging is a no no!) but it does also mean that you have to wait a couple of moments for your eyeliner to dry if you want to avoid smudging.

Wear time is decent with me getting a full day out of this eyeliner, however, accidental eye rubbing can smudge the liner on me, but I do tend to get oily lids when I wear a heavier eye look so if you have dryer lids this might not be an issue for you.

Now for the obligatory selfie with my makeup look achieved with the Colorsport eyeliner:

You can pick up this eyeliner from Boots or you can also find it on Amazon or Ebay and other beauty websites.

Have you tried any Colorsport products? I've got my eye on their 24 Hour Black Eyeliner too as anything long lasting draws me in :)

Toodles for now xxx

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Joe Browns Sale Picks

Hi Everyone!!

Today I'm showing you a couple of sale picks I made from the recent Joe Browns summer sale.

If you aren't familiar with Joe Browns they are an amazing clothing brand that take inspiration from all over the world  in their gorgeous unique collections, I've been a fan of Joe Browns for around 10 years when I spent my first wages I ever earned buying a black V-neck top with a cross on a chain looped around the neckline, I was trying to emulate Angelina Jolie at the time, moving on to today, I no longer fancy myself as a tough type and today I but very different clothes but my love for Joe Browns hasn't left.

My most recent purchases are as follows:

I saw this beautiful cardigan and couldn't resist. I love the bright flower print over a classic duck egg blue background. It is eye catching and that's what I love about it.

This camisole caught my eye with its vibrancy, it is just beautiful and looks stunning on, I tend to keep the rest of my outfit very plain with this cami so that it doesn't become colour and print overload but this is going to be worn to death.

I love this tunic for casual laid back days, it is as easy to throw on piece and has gorgeous bead detailing. It is very unique and has nice little side pockets too.

Finally I bought this pretty scarf as it is getting into slightly more autumnal weather meaning it is time for me to pull out the scarves to wear with cardigans and jumpers and I love the girly print on this piece, I think it is a perfect summer/autumn transitional piece.

What do you think? Do you shop at Joe Browns?

Toodles xxx

Friday, 15 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette - Sugar and Spice Review

Hello Everyone!

Back with another Makeup Revolution Review today, they really are the brand of the moment and I've not been able to resist a few key pieces from their website, they are just so well priced for the quality that you get!

So today I'm showing you the Ultra Blush Palette called Sugar and Spice.

Containing 8 powders, a mix of mat and shimmer, this palette is a nice little investment, all the colours are easy to blend and pretty pigmented - with the exception of the highlight shade on the top row which packs less pigmentation than the rest of the palette, however, being a highlight shade, too much pigmentation could result in a very shimmery finish that wouldn't be suitable for day to day wear and so this pigmentation issue might actually be intentional.

The colours are excellent on their own or can be layered to create the look you are going for.

Although this claims to be a contour palette I personally don't like to contour with blush colours as I don't think it suits me, I prefer a matte Bronzer, but as a blush and highlight palette this little beauty is a winner for me and for only £6, it is an absolute steal!

The below swatches are one swipe, dry and not using a primer. First is top row and the second is bottom row.

Do you have anything from this brand?
Will you be picking up this palette?

Toodles xxx


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Makeup Items I Don't Know How I Lived Without

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm showing you all some of my all time favourite makeup items, this little stars have seen me through some tough times and as soon as I finish them, I will be running out to repurchase them ( some of them are already repurchases)
Be prepared - there's a lot of pictures!

First up for discussion is the Contouring Blush and Bronze Duo from Elf Cosmetics in the colour 'St Lucia'
I love everything about this duo, easy to wear, easy to blend, the colours are spot on for me and the packaging is nice and sleek.
At £3.95 it is an incredible deal and I use this most days. I also love it so much that I bought it again to pop into a 'makeup starter kit' I put together for a friend.
If you don't have this in your stash then you need it... Right now.

Next is 'Skin Base Lift Concealer in White Light' from Illamasqua.
As you can see from the picture this product is well used (may look a little grubby but that is because I use it for contouring and the colours get swooshed together).
At £17.50 a go, this isn't a cheap option but for me there is nothing else I've tried ever that matches this product for a Kim Kardashian style contour.
Not an everyday product for me but I pull this out whenever I'm going for a full face of makeup to get that wow factor.

Next we have Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer from The Balm.
This is my go-to daily highlighter at the moment, it just gives the most beautiful finish and is subtle enough for daily wear.
I also use it on my collar bone, the bridge of my nose and as an eyeshadow, a browbone highlight and an inner corner brightener.
It may not be the cheapest at £16.00 but it is multi use and just plain old gorgeous.

Next is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner in Perversion
Again this product is not cheap, at £15.00 for an eyeliner you may be forgiven for thinking I've lost my mind, however, this eyeliner does everything you would want your eyeliner to do, it glides on so easily without any pulling, tugging or scratching *shudders* at your eye.
The colour is second to none with the colour 'Perversion' being the blackest black I've ever tried.
It stays on all day, and I mean all day with me pulling a 12 hour work shift without reapplying and it was still there.
Hands down the best eyeliner ever.

Now we have the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, this is yet another very indulgent buy at £56.00 for 3 powders you may be forgiven for think I'm out of my tiny mind, however this was a present so really.... It was free right?
It is amazing though, I use the middle powder to set my concealer, the darkest powder I use to very slightly add a contour to my face and the final powder to add colour to the apples of my cheeks. It's so subtle you can't detect it on your face but you just look like a fresher version of you.

Next we have an item I've repurchased several times over the years, Erase Paste Concealer from Benefit.
This is pretty similar to the Bobbi Brown correctors people rave over but personally I prefer this one from benefit.
It costs £20.50 but as you only need a teeny bit it lasts months and months. It blocks out your dark circles and brightens the under eye area, I either wear this alone (set with my hourglass powder) or I layer it under a heavy duty yellow toned concealer.

Finally for makeup items we have Rêve de Miel lip balm from Nuxe.
This is hands down the most nourishing lip balm I've ever used and although it can be a tad heavy for daily use, I always pop this on before bed and it keeps my normally dry and chapped lips perfectly hydrated and smooth.
The texture is very thick and can take a whole to get used to but once you have got used to the feeling, it becomes a must have and this is my 3rd jar now.

I hope you enjoyed this post, what are your must have items?
Toodles xxx


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Blush in Peachy Keen

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm showing you a little Makeup Revolution review.

I'm sure by now you're no stranger to the Makeup Revolution brand - I have featured them before on this blog and as I was so impressed last time, I couldn't resist trying more products from their extensive range.

This time I had a little look at their 'I Heart Makeup' range, which carries a heavier price tag than the normal range but remains extremely affordable.

I was drawn to this baked blush due to it's striking similarity to the 'Sweetheart Blush' by Too Faced, however, the Too Faced offering costs a staggering £24.99 whereas this little beauty cost a mere £4.99 - it's a no brainer which one I would choose to try out.

The packaging is really cute, I love the hot pink box in a heart shape, it would look pretty on display which is something I like. I know some people have found the packaging to be bulky but bulky doesn't bother me if it is pretty.

The baked blush itself has three colours that you can single out and use separately if you prefer, or like me you can just swirl your brush over all three and get a combo colour.

Collective Swatch

Individual Swatches

Peachy Keen is highly shimmery but wearable, if you aren't into a glowy look then this is not the blusher for you, it highlights as well as adding colour but the result is beautiful as opposed to the 'disco ball' look some baked blushers tarnish you with.

Overall I would highly recommend this little beauty to you, it wears well for around 6 hours on me and is a nice change from my usual 'bronze, blush, highlight' routine for summer.

You can pick up 'Peachy Keen' by clicking on the link.

Have you tried these blushes? Do you have anything else from this brand you would recommend?

Toodles xxx


Monday, 28 July 2014

SK:N Clinics Acne Scar Treatment

Hello Everyone!

Today we are talking about acne,
I have never suffered acne myself but a couple of my best friends have been plagued by it since their early teens and are still suffering in their mid-late twenties.

Acne can cause scarring to the skin as acne occurs in the under layer of skin called the dermis causing inflammation that can often lead to scarring.

Sometimes women feel that makeup alone isn't enough to cover these scars and they wish to try a more permanent removal of their scars, that's where SK:N Clinics Acne Scar Treatments could come in.
SK:N have been offering treatments for the last 20 years to over half a million clients in their 49 state of the art clinics nationwide.
Furthering from acne treatment they also offer laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal (which can be very handy depending on what you may have had inked on yourself in a moment of madness!)

SK:N say:

"We are governed by the Care Quality Commission and the Independent Health Advisory Service ‘Treatment You Can Trust’ register and regularly work with the British Skin Foundation. We are also very proud to be the first national network of clinics to register onto the ‘Treatments You Can Trust’ register.
They offer treatments such as a skin peel which uses materials that are supposed to force the skin to shed the surface cells."

Treatments start from around £250 and you can have a consultation with a trained and experienced skin expert to decide on appropriate procedures based on skin type and the extent of the scarring.

If this is something that would interest you have a look at the link above and read further.

Toodles xxx

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Thursday, 17 July 2014

W7 Makeup Review and Swatches

Hello Everyone!

Today we have quite a picture heavy post featuring a few pieces from W7 - a budget friendly brand which I have discovered also has excellent quality!

I was lucky enough to be sent these items to try out and I've been putting them through their paces for the past week and a bit.
I have to say I was very impressed.

First up we will discuss the primer I was sent:

As you can see this primer is an unusual colour, I've never tried a green primer before but the green is supposed to counteract any redness in your skin, I did notice a dulling in the redness I have around my nose which meant I required less concealer in that area so that's a thumbs up!

The consistency felt thick at first then smoothed out to a velvet finish. I did notice it allowed my makeup to apply smoother.
The only other place I've seen a green foundation is by smashbox so it is definitely one to try!

Next up is the blusher in the shade 'Born Pretty'

I think this blush will suit me more in winter as I'm a little too tanned at the moment for it to show up much on my cheeks but it does layer up well so I managed to get some colour payoff.
Swatched on my arm you can see the colour is very pretty and it is very pigmented and applies  well and blends easily.

Then there is the eyeshadow  in the shade 'Steel'

This was a gorgeous champagne shade with a high shimmer finish, no chunky glitter just a gorgeous smooth finish, it reminded me of my urban decay naked palette shades, and I love the packaging, very sleek, not gimmicky and will fit in nicely with my other single shadows.

Next up is the waterproof liquid liner in the shade black.

This came out very wet but did dry down to a nice finish, however, there is a little waiting around while you wait for it to dry and sadly it doesn't seem 100% waterproof to me as I tried to smudge it with a wet finger and it went all over my face. As a non waterproof liner it is pretty nice but if you want actual waterproof there are better ones on the market.

Finally we get to my favourite pick of the bunch, the lipstick! The shade I have is called 'Sandpiper'.

I have today I wasn't a fan of the packaging, it just felt a little flimsy to me and I thought it would appeal to the teenage market better than a woman in her 20s like me, however, that aside, the lipstick is AH-MAY-ZING!!!

The pigmentation is so high and it is so moisturising and easy to wear on the lips. The colour is very on trend and I have to say, for me, this is the star piece of the collection I was sent.

Of course I tried these all together to make a look so below are some shameless selfies:

You can check out the full impressive range on the W7 Website

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