Sunday, 8 December 2013

KIKO Cosmetics Haul and First Impressions

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Hello Everyone!
Today we are talking about a recent haul I made from a company called KIKO.
KIKO are an Italian brand and have a huge range, they remind me a bit if INGLOT with their affordability along with a vast (and somewhat boggling) array of products.
I warn you now this post will be a bit photo heavy.
Even though they are based in Italy, they ship to the UK, that added to my excitement when I received a parcel with foreign writing (I am that easily excited yes).
This is a first impressions and not an in depth review.
This is what I ordered:
kiko cosmetics haul review swatches
Still In Boxes
kiko cosmetics haul review swatches
And Unboxed.

I bought a lipstick (top left), a highlighting stick (middle top row), a nail varnish and 3 eye shadows.
All the shades are numbers instead of names (like INGLOT) which I'm not a huge fan of - I like the quirky names! - but basically I picked a random pink lipstick and three random coloured shadows, gold, shimmer and cranberry shades. The nail varnish is a green/blue hybrid and the highlighter is a golden shimmer.
First impressions of the shadows are that they have good pigmentation, however the shimmer colour took a fair bit of building up...
kiko cosmetics haul review swatches
kiko cosmetics haul review swatches
I am excited to use the coppery gold and the cranberry, not so much the shimmer, although it might make a nice inner corner colour.
The lipstick is lovely, so creamy and pigmented. It has a fine shimmer running through and smells like vanilla. The packaging is lovely too, you have to push the top of the lipstick to dispense the tube and I liked that little added gimmick.
kiko cosmetics haul review swatches
The smell reminded me of a MAC/Illamasqua love child, caramel and vanilla at once, but not too strong, I love this lipstick.
The Highlighter is another story, it looks beautiful in the tube, it swatches a little glittery but in the mirror in my house I was looking good with my cheekbones and bridge of my nose highlighted so I added some to my cupids bow and set off.... 2 hours later I caught sight of myself in a mirror and I looked like Edward Cullen... My whole face sparkled, a disco was happening right there, on my face, for all to see. Back of the drawer for you Highlighter!
On a plus it smelled of vanilla too.
kiko cosmetics haul review swatches
The nail varnish I haven't tried yet so I can't comment on that but the colour is lovely so I am looking forward to trying it.
Have you bought anything from KIKO?
You can visit the website HERE.
Hope you enjoyed this post and mini chat.
Toodles xxx



  1. These look amazing, very pigmented! You picked some lovely colours and they're very festive too x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed the post I know I always get excited seeing different things xx

  2. Lovely products! ♥ I also got one of their eye shadows recently. One that is kind of smiliar to the cranberry shade above but more of a purplish red. The pigmentation is amazing!

    1. They are really nice in pretty impressed xx


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