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Arbonne RE9 Advanced Review

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Hello Everyone!

I was recently contacted by the lovely Emma Tellesy about the possibility of reviewing some products from Arbonne, after I heard a bit about the products I was quite excited to give them a go, as is somewhat usual proceedings I will just state that all opinions are indeed my own, I am not being paid or forced to write lies or anything like that, so now that's out the way, lets crack on with the review.

First I will give you a little bit of info about Arbonne just in case you haven't heard of them or about their products before.
Arbonne is quite unique from what I can gather, there are no shops to walk into and there are representatives for the company. I was informed that this is how they keep their prices low for the quality of the ingredients that are in their products, no shops means no space rental, no vast array of staff on the pay roll to hike up costs etc.
Arbonne started out in Switzerland in 1975 before moving to the USA in 1980 and has since spread around the world via the independent consultants.
What makes Arbonne so special, I am told by Emma, is that it contains no synthetics, no parabens (that have been linked in studies to breast cancer!) no mineral oils (which sound nice but they are actually a by product of petroleum and are notoriously difficult for the skin to absorb so they sit on the skin and can cause clogged pores and acne, shockingly you can find mineral oils in a very large amount of UK based skincare but they are illegal in Switzerland...) and are also hypoallergenic making them suitable for sensitive skin.
Another big point is that they are not tested on animals making them more ethical.
Arbonne do a HUGE range of products, from skincare to makeup, baby products, vitamins, hair products, healthy snacks, sun protection, fragrances etc, there really is a lot of things to get your hands on whatever your particular niche.
So now moving on to the actual samples.
I was sent a little pack from the Arbonne RE9 Advanced range.
Arbonne RE9 Advanced Review

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Review
This is Arbonnes flagship range and claims to deliver results in 24 hours, now I am not in huge need of anti aging myself being still in my 20's and so I don't think I noticed any dramatic change 24 hours after use, but after a couple of days of using the samples I did notice my skin appeared much smoother, brighter and softer. 
I am aware that you need longer than a few days use of a product to tell if the results are long lasting or if any longer use reactions are going to occur (e.g. bumps under the skin) but as I only had samples I can't give you long term reviews but the short term use seemed pretty good!
I was also sent a sample of the makeup primer from Arbonne so I will start my review there:
  • Makeup Primer: I loved this and if I ever make an order with Arbonne I would include this in my basket. It was light pink in colour and had a cushiony texture, it massaged in easily and my makeup applied smoothly and looked flawless and continued to do so all day. There was no noticeable scent to this product.
  • Smoothing Facial Cleanser: The cleanser I wasn't a fan of at first, it was the scent that put me off, it smells slightly sour with a hint of citrus, it isn't a strong scent by any means but I am very aware of smells and scents so I was a little bit put off, the appearance is unique, it looks like melted sugar and has a sticky texture but when used on the face it isn't sticky at all, you rub this onto moistened skin and rub, a foam appears as you do so and then you rinse it off with warm water. This left my skin feeling very clean but not tight or dry, after a couple of uses the smell didn't bother me anymore and I liked the cleanser.
  • Regenerating Toner: This one had a very interesting smell, it was barely there but as I have said I am VERY sensitive to smells. The smell reminded me of some gel-like play putty I had in an egg as a child, I liked it to be honest. This tingled my skin a bit with the first application but after a couple of uses it stopped tingling.
  • Night Repair Cream: This cream is lovely, it is thick and creamy (which is something I look for in a night cream) and it sinks into the skin with ease, the smell was a bit reminiscent of butter, again I liked this as it smelled natural as opposed to perfumed like a lot of other brands I have tried and perfumes can irritate the skin. I did wake up a bit greasy after using this cream but I don't know if that was the cream, the fact that this is an anti aging line and I have never used an anti aging line before, the fact that I used it along with the serum or a combination of all points, either way I did get a bit oily.
  • Corrective Eye Cream: This is so rich and creamy that you only need a tiny amount and I still have a lot of this product left so I will continue to use it for a while. There was no scent to this product and it applied really well, I did notice that the skin around my eyes appeared more hydrated and after a couple of days use I noticed that my makeup applied easier and smoother around the eye area, which I really liked.
  • Intensive Renewal Serum: This has a slight citrus scent and it sank into the skin very quickly leaving me feeling soft and hydrated, I did enjoy using this serum and might start incorporating a serum into my skincare regime from now on.
  • Restorative Day Cream with SPF 20: I love a bit of SPF in a day cream, who doesn't enjoy a bit of sun protection? This day cream was unlike any other I have tried before, it looked, smelled and felt like cream cheese! Personally I loved it, it smelled so natural and felt very nourishing to use. This was one of my favourite items from the collection.
So there we have it, now a peruse online shows me that although the products are claiming to be more affordable that competing products with the same standard of ingredients, they are still pretty pricey but they do seem very high quality. Again I can't say too much about long term skin benefits as part of the claims on the website boasting of the benefits of this range, say that a lot of the benefits are seen after 4 weeks usage and I only had a couple of days useage but I did enjoy them.
One other point to mention is that I was pre-warned by Emma that these products can cause mild redness with first usage as the ingredients are so pure and that this is normal and will fade, luckily I didn't seem to get any real redness, I had a tiny bit across the cheeks on the first day but after that, nothing. Keep that in mind if you purchase any of these products.
You can reach Emma via email if you would like to know more about the products or the business.
Emma's Arbonne ID to buy products is: 441102782 and Emma's Arbonne website is here.
So I hope you have enjoyed reading this, have you tried anything from Arbonne? 
Toodles xxx



  1. Lovely review I have never heard of this brand before but it looks and sounds so luxurious x
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    1. Thank you :) they were such nice samples I'm still using them now xx


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