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Anastasia Beverly Hills She Wears It Well Palette Review

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Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and got some amazing gifts. One of the gifts I was lucky enough to receive was the 'She Wears It Well' palette from Anastasia.

Anastasia products are not readily available in the UK, they are however very popular in the states. This is a shame as that means I've not had a lot of experience with the brand but everything I have tried I have loved, this palette included.
If you would like to see what I thought of another Anastasia palette, you can find the review here.
Anastasia products are available from Cult Beauty if you want to explore the brand in the UK.

The 'She Wears It Well' palette is a collection of 9 sophisticated nudes, 3 matte shades and 6 shimmer shades all housed in a slimline case with an outer design that looks like a vintage clutch bag. The design is apparently inspired by old Hollywood glamour of the 1930's but with a modern tough girl kick.
I am a bit of a packaging fiend and I like my palettes to look good and especially if they are different to other palettes I have. This passes my standards, I love the classy vintage look of this palette, and the general idea of 1930's Hollywood glamour appeals to me too, who doesn't want to emulate a little Mae West now and then?
A mirror can be found the lid as is the norm in makeup palettes, there is also a double ended brush but personally I didn't rate the brush so I used my own brushes.
I should mention that I have been a bad blogger and I used this palette before photographing it so the shadows aren't in pristine condition straight out the box.

The shades can be applied as a sheer wash of colour for an understated daytime look or built up to a higher intensity, you can even go further by applying these shadows wet for a more dramatic look.

All the shadows in this palette are made with Anastasia's trademark 'Youthful Synergy Complex®' which claims to deliver moisture and plump out wrinkles while reflecting the light to blur out any fine lines.

The shades are as follows:

Sunset: Sunset is the largest shadow of the collection and is the middle shade in the palette. It is a warm, bronzed, shimmer shade as the name would suggest.

Trophy: A light peachy beige shimmer.

Glow: A brown and vintage gold shimmer.

Latte: A medium brown shimmer.

Foxy: A deep browny red shimmer.

Frosting: A sheer pink/champagne shimmer.

Onyx: A dusty black matte

Almond: A light, peachy nude matte

Toffee: A chocolate brown matte.

The arm swatches are in the same order as above, starting with Sunset at the top, ending in Toffee at the bottom.

I found that the shades wear well over primer. I wore mine over Urban Decay Primer Potion and it lasted from around 10am till I took off my makeup at 7pm, however there is a litlte bit of fall out when you use these shades dry as the formulation can be a little chalky in some of the colours (mainly the lighter ones) but if you tap your brush out before you apply the shades that shouldn't be too much of an issue.
My favourite shade in this palette is Foxy and my least favourite is Onyx,  not because it is a bad shade but just because I don't wear many blacks, it will work really well as a smudge out along the lash line in place of liner for a more subtle definition.
Another very important factor to mention is that this palette is cruelty free and this is stated on the sleeve of the packaging.
All in all I would recommend this palette even if you already own a few neutral palettes as lets face it, neutrals never go out of style.

Toodles xxx


  1. Wow what a gorgeous little palette! I love the packaging, and there's some great colours in it too!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. That looks lush!!! I want it!!

  3. So JEALOUS! Have always wanted to try Anastasia products as I've heard so many great things about this brand. This palette is gorgeous and I love the colours! xx

    1. I know I just wish we could get all the stuff here xx

  4. Such a lovely post.. I think i need to start investing more in Anastasia beverley hills. Ive just got the Brow wiz for Christmas and i LOVE it so this will be the next purchase. :) Such a good indepth show of the colours aswell. Thankyou.

    1. Thank You :) I want to try the Brow whizz next or the contour palette they have in the US x

  5. I've only tried Anastasia brow products, which I love. Nice palette!

    1. I've not tried the brow products yet but I want to xx


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