Friday, 20 December 2013

90s Kid Tag

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Hello Everyone,
I saw this tag on BellaEllaLife's blog and even though I wasn't formally tagged, I couldn't resist having a go because I loved reading hers.
Growing up in the 90s was a colourful and embarrassing time that I'm obviously dying to re-live so sit back and enjoy the trip down memory lane, and if you weren't around for the memories, I envy your youth!

1. Favourite Toy:
Well my favourite 90s toys were Mimis, does anyone else remember Mimis? They were little plastic babies and they came in little pods that looked like something normal (e.g. A hair dryer) but open up this hair dryer and they had a little home and babies inside. 'Mimi in GooGooland' was what they were called.
Also a special mention to Teddy in my Pocket, Yoyos with clutches (walking the dog anyone?) and I don't know if this was UK spread but I know in the school I went for there was a craze for these sticky aliens in eggs filled with slime (yes really) and pogs!

****This is not my picture I found it on google but these are Mimis****.

 2. Favourite Advert:
I loved an advert for Wrigley's Chewing Gum that played the song 'Alright Now' by the band 'Free' loved it.

3. N*SYNC or BSB:
Neither, I was into Bewitched, Billie, Britney Spears, Shania Twain and then later the boys came, (ah Westlife I loved you so!)

4. Weirdest Fashion Trend:
As BellaEllaLife said it has to be the trousers with skirts attached, I'm sure they were called spants or something stupid like that, also all the clashing colours, metallic outfits, glitter all over the face (or was that just me) pastel coloured pedal pushers and finally, wearing most of the above with the addition of a huge, brightly coloured or pastel puffer jacket, #Sexy

5. Favourite Collectable:
Again, as BellaEllaLife said, it has to be the Spice Girl pictures, I went wild for them, I remember people at my school were all after the signed Emma picture and one girl had it, I must have traded about 20 of my pictures to get that one, and I still have it... in my Spice Girl album, in a box somewhere hidden with other 90's shame.

6. Favourite Beanie Baby:
I never really had many Beanie Babies, they were a bit too pricey for a teddy bear so my parents wouldn't let me have them, I did get the ones from Macdonalds though, but only through friends as I wasn't allowed Macdonalds either, not because my family were all about the health, just my parents didn't like Macdonalds.

7. How Many Tamagotchis Did You Go Through:
I had 3, I loved them, however one was pretty disturbing, it was a Japanese girl and when you didn't look after her enough she would disappear one limb at a time, well her face would go first, so you might come back at break time at school and she would have no eyes, or if you really left her, you might come back to a leg and that was it, I learned many life lessons from that Tamagotchi... Many.

8. Favourite Game System and Game:
I didn't have a game system, I did get a PC at the end of the 90's and I used to play Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper and Sims religiously. I still love Sims.

9. Favourite Music Artist:
I've already mentioned above my penchant for cheesy 90's pop stars but I also went crazy for Grease at this time so I listened to the Grease soundtrack, on loop, almost every day. I promise I had friends... Maybe *shifty eyes*.

10. Favourite Candy:
It's not technically sweets but there was a fizzy drink out at the time called Zero Gravity that had jelly sweets floating in it, I loved that, till it disappeared, probably because drinking sweets is wrong on many levels.

****Again not my image but this is the drink****

11. Favourite Game:
Dreamphone... Lets not dwell.

12. Favourite Macdonalds Toy:
The Beanie Babies, in particular, the monkey.

13. Favourite Book:
I loved reading and was never without a book in my hands, I loved all the Roald Dahl books, especially Matilda. I also loved Enid Blyton books at the time, the Malory Towers series was my favourite. Then there was Jaqueline Wilson Books which I thought were great, Judy Blume books which were very grown up (or so I thought), the babysitter's club books and fianlly R.L.Stine books which I loved! Goosebumps and then later I loved on to his Fear Street books just to scare myself a little bit more.

14. Favourite Clothes Store:
Tammy, I loved it in there, I got my first Nail Varnishes from that shop too, ah Tammy you started me down this road.

15. What Would You Watch After School:
Sister Sister, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Clarissa Explains it All, Bailey Kippers POV, Are You Afraid of The Dark and Kenan and Kel.

16. What Was Your Favourite Tv Show:
All of the above and also Ricki Lake when I could sneakily watch it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know if you do the tag too.
Toodles xxx


  1. Loved!! I had 2 signed Emma pics, if I'd known you back then I would deffo give you one!! is it wierd that I kinda miss the 90's?! Haha. Great blog post! Xx

    1. Aww I wish I had of had someone kind back then instead of making me give up 20 of my hard earned cards hehe. I kind of miss the 90s too now after this :) xx

  2. I miss the glitter make up! We should bring that back!

    Malory Towers! I begged my mum to send me to boarding school after reading those books. It never happened!

    Pogs! They were banned in our school as people were playing the game unfairly apparently!

    Clarissa, I still want to be Clarissa!

    I would definitely like to go back & re-live my 90s years properly!! xx

    1. I rocked the glitter makeup, I went a bit 80s/90s hybrid with blue eyeshadow, blue eyeliner, blue mascara and then glitter, I also stuck little stars on I got free with mizz magazine... I looked amazing (?!)
      I wanted to go to boarding school too, I thought it was all midnight feasts and quirky french teachers.
      Pogs were banned at my school too as they decided it was gambling lol.

  3. Love this tag!!
    Oh the trousers with the skirts attached!! I'd forgotten about those!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. Haha there's probably a very good reason you forgot about them... I tend to block out tramatic memories too ;) xx

  4. Love this tag!

    Emma x

    1. Thank you it was certainly fun to do. xx

  5. Omg Dreamphone hahahaa! The shame!! I remember all of these things, and I also rocked the jeans and attached skirt combo. Great look ;) Love this tag! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

    1. So many of us rocked this jeans/skirt combo, maybe we should bring it back ;) xx


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