Sunday, 24 November 2013

W7 Foundation Review

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Hello Everyone!
Today's review is of a very budget friendly foundation by W7.
For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, W7 are quite a new brand and as of yet they don't seem to have a website, you can pick up random bits from their range in various shops and online. I found mine by the till when I was stocking up on garden furniture!
I paid £2.99 for a 28ml bottle, that is AMAZING value compared to the £37 I spent on my last foundation purchase...
Still it all comes down to performance, regardless of price, if it doesn't do as it claims it's not worth a penny to me.
W7 Foundation Review

W7 Photo Shoot Foundation claims to be 16 hour long wear foundation that applies evenly and doesn't transfer onto clothing.
I wore it over my new l'oreal primer and it certainly lasted all day. It is a medium coverage foundation that is definitely buildable and easy to blend, I buffed it into the skin using my Real Techniques buffing brush with no problems at all - i.e. No streakiness, no sticking to dry patches etc.
The foundation didn't settle into my fine lines or emphasise my pores which pleased me. Another bonus for me is that the foundation didn't make me greasy. The finish is neither matte nor dewy, instead it is very natural looking.
W7 Foundation Review

Another feature I liked is that the foundation doesn't feel heavy on the skin, even though it is a long wear foundation, I tend to find long wear cosmetics can be either drying or cakey to wear. This is neither, it really does look flawless.
The smell is another plus, there is a slight fragrance, nothing dramatic but the smell is almost the same as my YSL foundations. Very slightly sweet, maybe vanilla scented.
The only negative I have to say is that this product is a screw top glass bottle with no pump. The glass will make it less travel friendly but personally I love a glass bottle, my issue is the lack of a pump, this leads to excessive waste in product and I also find it harder to get product out of a screw top bottle, but that being the only negative I think it is excusable for the price verses the product.
Have you tried any W7 products? How did you find them to perform?
Hope you enjoyed the review.
Toodles xxx


  1. I've been using W7 for years, they have some very pigmented eyeshadows.

    A glass bottle and no pump is perhaps not the best idea. Might give this foundation a try though. Thanks for the review.

    Roxilicious82 @ Simply Roxilicious!

    1. I've never seen any of the eye shadows, where did you find them? X

  2. I love W7 products, especially their nail polishes! I've never tried this foundation but it sounds lovely.


  3. This is the first thing I've tried but I would definitely try more x


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