Thursday, 14 November 2013

NYX Purple Smokey Look Kit Review

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Hello Everyone!
This will be a bit of a picture heavy post so I warn you in advance.
Today I am reviewing the 'Smokey Look Kit' from NYX.

This little kit truely is little, tiny in fact, here is it alongside a MAC lipstick:

The size of this kit makes it a perfect travel size as it will fit easily into a handbag or travel makeup bag.
Inside the kit are 9 shadows and 2 lipstick/glosses. That's quite a lot for such a small case but the lipsticks are hidden in a secret drawer on the bottom of this palette where there is also a mini sized eye brush and lip brush.
The shades 1-9 are shadow shades, 10 and 11 are the lip colours. They look pretty enough in the pan but weirdly they swatch out totally different colours....
The swatches are sadly, for the most part, poor pigmentation with streaky, chalky application. The weirdest bit for me is that the colours are so different to what you see in the pan.

Wear time is pretty poor with the navy blue shade being the longest wearer but this is because the navy shade stains... therefore it is pretty difficult to remove but hey, good staying power...
The other shades average at about a 3-4 hour wear.
This is such a shame as usually NYX have brilliant products but for me this one is a big, fat fail, I will continue trying to use them to see if different primers can help these colours out a little.
The lip colours were ok, very sheer but they work a bit like a tinted balm but without any moisturising benefits. They are definitely usable though. Wear time is the same with any tinted balm, around 2-3 hours.
Have you tried any of the NYX kits and were they any good for you?
Toodles xxx



  1. that's sad! i always thought NYX had great products with great pigmentation. I don't think you can buy NYX in the UK unless you buy it online so I haven't tried many of their products. Good to know, though! xo

    1. I thought that too but not this one. I'm in the uk I got this from debenhams and you can also get nyx in the uk from next and :) xx

  2. I've never tried anything from NYX but I'd love to! This looks really pretty.. I'd love to try their lip glosses too :) x

    Rachael | ♥

  3. Oooh it looked so pretty in the box, shame about the poor pigmentation I guess. I suppose you could try applying them with a damp make up brush though?

    Thanks for the link via twitter, really enjoyed reading your blog. Have followed you via Bloglovin' looking forward to the future posts!

    Roxilicious82 @ Simply Roxilicious!

    1. Thank you :) yeah I will attempt to use them but its easier to pick up products you can use really easily rather than having to work at it :) xx

  4. how annoying that this didn't swatch out well! I love the sleek palettes for pigmentation :)

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog


    1. Sleek palettes are unbeatable in my opinion :) xx

  5. This kit is soo gorgeous!! I would definitely wear all of these shades! The purple is so perfect for now!! Thank you for sending your link in the chat!!

  6. It is such a shame that wear time isn't great with this palette! I have the 'One Night In Morocco' palette and it's fantastic :) x



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