Tuesday, 5 November 2013

If Money Fell Into My Lap...

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Hello Everyone!
Bit of a different post for you today, I have been browsing beauty websites as usual and lusting over products I can't afford right now so I decided to make a little post showing things I would rush out and buy if I could get my hands on a large wad of cash. Now lets be honest, there were quite a few products but I narrowed it down to my top 5 lust list, all I need now is a winning lottery ticket.

1. Hourglass Ambient lighting Powder Trio:
This limited edition trio can be purchased from SpaceNK for the grand total of £56. I first saw this palette months ago when Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup put a preview pic up online and I wanted it... Oh how I wanted it, but for now I will make do with a picture.
2. Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm:
This lip balm has been raved about in loads of blogs I have read, it is £9.50 from SpaceNK and claims to help heal chapped lips whilst also reducing fine lines in the lip contour area. This appeals to me massively as I'm currently suffering a serious case of seasonal dry lips!
3. GlamGlow Mud Mask:
This had been popping up all over the place with people raving about the difference in their skin, you can pay £25 for a small jar or £50 for a large jar from SpaceNK. The basic premise behind this product is you slap it on your face, leave it till it dries  then remove in circular motions to exfoliate the skin as you go for an instant radiance boost.
4. Clarins 'The Essentials' Limited Edition Eye Palette:
I love my neutral eye palettes, like really really really LOVE them. My Naked 2 Palette is one of my most reached for palettes of all time, but that doesn't mean I cant add more palettes right?
Enter Clarins. This limited edition eye palette has had me drooling since I set eyes on it.You can grab this little beauty for £35 from Debenhams or House of Fraser.
5. Laura Mercier Artist Palette for Eyes:
Again, another neutral palette but oh my goodness, what a palette, I think I actually need this in my life, it has gone way way past want, this is a need palette... Not sure the bank would agree with me but a girl can dream ;) You can pick this up for £36 from House of Fraser, and if you get it, don't tell me or I'll die of jealousy.
So if you were given a wad of cash to spend on yourself, what would you buy?
Toodles xxx



  1. The packaging of the Laura Mercier one looks beautiful too. Another reason to want it haha. I agree with all of these and now want to add them to my list!!!

    Hannah xxx

    1. I know I really want these so bad, unfortunately I'm buying a house so now I'm poor :( xx

  2. There are so many palettes I want at the min, Nars have some fab ones in that have been on my wish list for a while now. The Laura Mercier one looks fab though, I might have to add that one to my wish list too! :) x

    1. I bought the NARS adult content palette and I've been loving that so far xx

  3. If only money did fall into our laps. Loving 1, 4 and 5! xx

    1. I'm still holding out for a lottery win lol xx

  4. These are some good buys! I hadn't heard of some of them! I'd buy Urban Decay's Naked palette or a MAC lipstick :-)


    1. The naked palettes are lovely I use them all the time xx


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