Thursday, 28 November 2013

Enummi Skincare Review

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Hello Everyone,
Today I'm talking about some skincare samples I was sent from Heather Findlay (@Enummi_Heather on twitter)
The packet of samples I got was very generous, Heather claimed it should last me around 9 days but it will last me longer as I don't use too much product on my face at one time or I end up with reactions or very greasy skin, not the best, but it does mean my skincare tends to last a good while so that is good.
Enummi Skincare Review

First up I will mention that there is a lot of steps to this beauty routine:

  • Day Cream (Protective Day Moisturizer With Broad Spectrum SPF 15) - I love that this moisturizer has an SPF added to it. It sank easily and quickly into the skin which is a must for me as I hate having to wait around in the mornings for everything to dry so I can move on to the next steps in my routine.
  • Serum (Life C Energizing Serum) - A serum is new to me, I have never really got into using them even though I know I should as a serum reportedly will sink into the deeper layers of skin and help with fine lines and wrinkles and as I have passed the ripe old age of 25, it is about time I took care of trying to prevent nature from getting me. This was the only product of all the samples that I didn't care for the scent of... I found it reminded me a little of glue, the texture was a bit unusual for a serum too, it was a gel texture and felt very much like my makeup primers. It did sink into the skin quickly and left my skin feeling very soft immediately.
  • Eye Cream (Restoring Eye Cream) - I have been into eye creams for a while so it was nice to try another one, I personally wasn't a fan of the eye cream as it stung the skin around my eyes when I applied it and I had only used it very sparingly, the stinging soon wore off but it did put me off using it again, however I do have very sensitive skin so bear that in mind.
  • Cleanser (Gentle Facial Cleanser) - I normally use a cleansing balm or Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser so this was a nice alternative, it is a foaming cleanser that left my skin feeling very clean yet didn't make me dehydrated as I have had with previous cleansers.
  • Toner (Refreshing Toner) - I usually use Liz Earle or Caudalie where primers are concerned but this toner worked very nicely on a cotton bud rubbed across my face after cleansing, it isn't harsh at all so I think it would be a nice toner to try for people with sensitive skin like myself.
  • Night Cream (Night Recovery Cream) - This is a good night cream, not so thick that it feels heavy but definitely thicker than the day cream. I think this was my favourite sample of the lot and if I was to repurchase any of these in full size it would be this one.... and the serum.... and day cream....
Enummi Skincare Review

All of these products (minus the serum) had a clean, soft scent about them.
Now normally I know you need to use a new cream etc for around a month to be sure of results but I have been using these for a week and enjoyed them very much, I still have some left to keep using but as I haven't used them for a full month I can't rave review them but I will say, from what I have seen, these are pretty good products and if you can get a sample, make sure you do.
Hope you enjoyed this review today and if you have tried Enummi skincare let me know what you thought.
Toodles xxx


  1. Can't say I've ever heard of this brand but looks promising :)

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  2. Well I'm still using it and my skin is so soft now x

  3. excuse can i use this as testimonial?


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