Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm Review

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Hello Everyone!
Today I have a review of the Creme de Rose Lip Balm From Dior.
Now before we begin I would like to point out that I didn't have the full sized product, I had a smaller size that was in last years Christmas Lip Palette that I was lucky enough to get my hands on courtesy of my lovely other half :)
I have almost used it all up so now seemed like a good time to write this review (as it is christmas list time)
Here is a picture of my palette, note the empty tray where the Creme de Rose used to be:

One thing about this product is that it has a hard shell over the top, almost like a thick shiny glaze, that is NOT the balm, I was confused by this at first as I thought that was it and I couldn't figure out why people loved this product so much, however once you break through this shell, the balm underneath is softer and much easier to apply and also much nicer on the lips.
Technically this balm is also a lip plumper but I've not experienced any tingling or stinging as I have done with plumpers in the past, I did notice my lips appeared smoother after use though so I was impressed.
The balm has a subtle rose scent that I personally love but it is slight enough that if you aren't a fan of rose scents or scented balms full stop then it shouldn't really upset you too much.
There is no taste either which is a good thing as I hate accidentally licking my lips and tasting a horrible waxy or chemically taste.
The full sized product has beautiful packaging, but at £20 for a lip balm I wouldn't expect anything else, it certainly is a luxury product. Here is a picture of the full sized product.
How beautiful is that?
It has an SPF of 10 that is useful if you use this through the day, as I have been piling it on at bed time it hasn't been particularly necessary for me.
As well as a night moisture treatment I have been using this as a lip primer at the beginning of my makeup routine to prep my lips before lipstick application and it works beautifully.
The feel of this balm on your lips is a little sticky but smooth and hydrating, it is one of the lip balms you can feel sinking in overtime rather than the type that just sits on top doing nothing.
Would I buy this product again? No, it worked well and it a nice product but I personally don't think it is worth the £20 price tag as I would only recommend this to people with normal to dry lips I don't think this would work well for those of us who are suffering some serious chapped lips but as a Spring/Summer balm it works a treat.
Have you tried this balm? Did you enjoy it?
Toodles xxx 



  1. It sounds lovely looks like such a beautiful colour!

  2. It is really nice but the colour is more sheer once applied xx


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