Friday, 18 October 2013

Topshop Nails 'Plume' Review

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Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all well and good.
Today's Review is on a Topshop Nail Varnish in the Shade 'Plume'.

I have never tried a Topshop Nail Varnish before but on my recent London shopping trip I picked up a couple.
First impressions of Plume are that is it a very pretty and unique shade, I don't have anything the same as this in my collection and my collection is around pretty vast.... Oops.
It is a gorgeous midnight purple colour perfect for Autumn, but - as you can see by the picture - it has a duo chrome effect with multi dimensional glitter iridescence that give it a purple to blue to almos fuscia appearance depending on which way the sparkles catch the light. With all of this going on it appears almost metallic which has been a huge trend lately, sadly though, Plume and I did not get on.

Moving on from what is beautiful about this little bottle of sparkles, lets now discuss what was wrong with it. Firstly I found it incredibly patchy when applying to my nails, it took three coats to get a decent covering without it looking streaky. One thing I hate is nail varnish that applies streaky, it just puts me off using it again.
Secondly it took forever to dry, I mean it, god created the universe in less time and then had time to cost London, Paris and Rome to do the tourist thing.... You get the idea. It stayed sticky for ages and then I had to do three coats meaning it took all day to get my nails done.
By this point I was a bit miffed with it but it was done and my nails looked pretty, however it didn't last, by less than 24 hours later I had some serious chipping and this is a picture of my nails 2 days later:

Chipped and sad looking :( 
So all in all I wasn't very impressed. I have two other Topshop Nail Varnishes to try so I hope they perform better. At £6 a go have you had any experience with Topshop Nails? Did they work for you?

Till next time
Toodles xxx


  1. nice, virant colour. have never tried the makeup from topshop

    Holly | ♥


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