Saturday, 12 October 2013

RiRi Heart MAC Fall - Talk That Talk Lipstick Dupes

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Hello Everyone!
Wow that's quite a long post name but basically that is what this post is all about, RiRi hearts MAC!
Now I know a lot of people went crazy for the newest Rihanna/MAC collaboration (myself included) and BOOM it was sold out everywhere before you could say 'Oooh look at that rose gold packing'.
I managed to grab a few bits from the collection myself, one of them being the 'Talk That Talk' lipstick.

I knew it wasn't my shade, I knew it was supposed to drag at the lips and be a tad patchy, I knew that Mr Sparkles hates this sort of colour on me but who cares, I wanted it, I needed it, I got it, and look at it.... Beautiful.
However, if you were not so fortunate in your shopping and didn't manage to pick up this shade even though you may have wanted it, fear not my lovelies as I have not one, but two dupes for you.

First thing to point out is that they don't look the same in the tube, but swatched out and also on the lips they look pretty much identical.
The first lipstick in the picture is obviously Talk That Talk, a retro matte formula from mac meaning no shine just hard, matte colour on your lips, this also means it will last a fair while on your lips and fade away leaving a stain, matte lipsticks are the most long wearing you can have.
Shade number two is Growl by Illamasqua, Growl is also a matte shade and is therefore the closest match out of my two dupes. In the tube it looks lighter than Talk That Talk but as you will see from my swatch in a moment, it isn't :)
Shade number three is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry. This is a glossy formula which is moisturising on the lips however it wont last as long as the two previous colours. Also, being glossy, it isn't an exact dupe of Talk That Talk but it is pretty damn close and also the (much) more affordable option.
Talk That Talk, Growl, Black Cherry

Talk That Talk retailed for £16.50 but to get it now I would imagine you will have to pay a lot more on ebay.
Growl retails at £16.50 from but you can also pick up Illamasqua products from and
Black Cherry retails at £7.49 from boots and superdrug, however have an offer on at the moment and their Super Lustrous Lipsticks are £5.49 at the moment so grab yourself a bargain! 

So there you have it, will you be picking up any of these dupes or did you get the original?
Stay tuned for more dupe posts as I have a few in the pipeline, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and I'll see you all soon xx



  1. Black Cherry looks like an almost replica! I went for Who's That Chick on my recent shopping trip! My second ever MAC lipstick!

    1. Black cherry is such a good dupe and for a tenner cheaper :) I love mac lipsticks but the dupes are getting better and better :)

  2. Black cherry looks like the perfect dupe! So much cheaper too, I really need to look into that as I love revlon lipsticks.

    Kathryn x

    1. A lot of revlon lipsticks are good dupes for mac I'm sure they copy lol

  3. black cherry looks like a great bargain ! may have to pick myself up one!

    1. Do it :) the formula of revlon lipsticks is excellent x


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