Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm Review

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Hello Everyone,
Today we are going to be talking about Wild Rose Beauty Balm from Neal's Yard.
I was lucky enough to be sent this by Neal's Yard to try and I have to say I was blown away as this had been a product that I had been lusting after and mulling over for quite some time and here it was, in my house.
Now let's get the obligatory comments about the packaging out of the way, I love the packaging of Neal's Yard products, so pretty and chic with a nice little nod to vintage apothecary jars, this is just one of those brands that looks special in your bathroom or wherever you choose to keep your lotions and potions.

The balm itself is one of those magical multi-use products that are popping up here and there, the advertised uses are as follows:
1. Exfoliating Cleanser:
Massage a small amount of the balm into skin (paying extra attention to dry areas) then use a warm, wet, muslin cloth, buff your face whilst you remove the balm from your face.
2. Balancing Mask:
Apply to cleansed skin  and cover with a hot muslin cloth to open pores, repeat then relax for 30 mins before buffing the balm away with another warm muslin cloth. Finally, cover your face with a cold, wet, muslin cloth to close your pores. Pat dry and you're done.
3. Nourishing Balm:
Pop a small amount on to any dry or dehydrated areas of freshly cleansed skin.
4. Full Facial Treatment:
Follow steps 1 and 2 but before removing your balm as you would in step 2, instead you need to massage in any remaining balm after your 30 minute relaxation time. You then leave this on overnight as an intensive moisturiser.

I also have discovered three additional uses to the Wild Rose Beauty Balm,
5. Dry Elbow Treatment:
If you have been a little outdoorsy lately you may have suffered a bit of dry skin on your elbows with the seasons changing, rub a small amount of balm into the offending area before bed, I find it works best after a nice hot bath, leave overnight et voila! Happy Elbows.
6. Chapped Knuckles:
Disgusting to think about I know but with moving house and packing etc and all the hand washing can result in chapped knuckles, treat the same way as elbows in step 5 .
7. Lip Treatment:
If you suffer from dry lips, rub a bit of balm into your lips before bed. This is far too heavy for daytime so I only use this as a night treatment.

The smell is very soothing, it doesn't smell too overpowering with a fake rose scent like some rose products you can buy (incidentally, these OTT rose products can be bad for your skin as rose oil is a recognised irritant which can cause breakouts, redness and dry skin in some - not everyone - but some.... Just a little heads up there) this is because Neal's Yard use organic ingredients most of the time and the rose scent comes from rosehip oil, a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is supposed to be great for reducing fine line and wrinkle formation. That combined with the other organic ingredients creates a sort of menthol/rose smell that I personally love.
I have to say I have very much enjoyed this balm, it is especially good for this time of year as with the weather changing my skin decides to try and bring back the summer by bringing the Sahara Desert to my face, I do not appreciate this, in fact I hate it but this balm has been a lovely little treat for my skin and subsequently, my skin has been thanking me for it and being less of an autumn rebel.

Have you tried this balm or any other Neal's Yard products that you think I need to invest in?
Hope you enjoyed the review!
Toodles xxx


  1. This is on my wish list, I've wanted to try it for so long! x


    1. Hiya, little tip, a friend of mine went into a Neal's Yard shop and asked for a sample of this and they have her some nice little sachets, might be a good idea to do that and see if you like it, I love testers they're really good of the company xx

  2. This sounds lovely, I just love versatile products as you get so much use out of them. I didn't know that about rose oil as an irritant, I really like rose but it's good that this isn't too strong!


    1. I didn't know about rose being an irritant ti a little while back it's surprising places are allowed to use them really xx


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