Thursday, 10 October 2013

L'oreal Collection Privee - Cheryl Review

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Hello Everyone!

So today I have a little lipstick review for you (like I needed anymore lipsticks :S)
This is a review of L'oreal's Color Riche Collection Privee Limited Edition Lipstick in the shade 'Barely Greige' or 'Cheryl'. Quite the mouthful!
I saw these new out on a recent boots trip, you know the kind - you need wipes and you spend £40 on makeup you don't need and forget your wipes? It was that kind of day. Anyway I saw these were new out and there was two girls buying most of the shades two or three times over so I got carried away and picked up the Cheryl one.

Let me start by saying all these shades are nude shades and are supposed to enhance the complexion rather than create a bold lip which is usually so popular through Autumn.
They claim to be a lipstick and gloss in one and are pretty hydrating, they remind me of Revlon's Lip Butters on the lips and we all know how good they feel.
The packaging is very nice with a sleek black exterior and golden tube inside, they look and feel expensive. The black is slightly textured so it feels nice to hold, packaging is a real issue for me, I can sometimes be put off trying a product if I don't like the packing but this lipstick ticks my boxes.
The lipstick itself is very soft which is lovely for application and it is nice and creamy on the lips, however, it does mean that it moves around in the tube, as you can see in the picture the lipstick has smooshed a bit against the sides, that is simply from applying it direct from the tube to the lips... This annoyed me a little as I like my makeup to look nice and not look like it belongs to a child who rubbed it on my face - hard.
The range of shades in this collection is small, there are 6 in total and, as it is a nude collection, there isn't a huge difference between the shades in my opinion.
The Cheryl shade is a dusty rose colour with a pop of peach running through ever so slightly and is a very universally wearable shade that I think would compliment almost anyone. The following image isn't lightened up at all, I am pale and this is how sheer the product is.

This is what the Boots website says about the shade:

Cheryl: Barely Greige nb4. Ultra-chic and rich in iridescence, barely greige offers a discreet contrast to the skin, thereby enhancing the natural beauty of the complexion.

I personally think it is so subtle on the lips you can't even tell you are wearing it but it does add a glossy appearance to the lips, however, it has a tendency to settle into the lines of your lips after a couple of applications and can therefore look a bit cakey.
This image isn't lightened up I am actually that pale! as you can see it just adds a bit of light pink shine to my lips but i have to say it doesn't do an awful lot and as it is £8.19 I would rather have a Revlon Lip Butter for £5.99
One other thing to mention is that there is a strong smell from this lipstick of Violet, personally I love that smell but if you are opposed to violet scents or scents in general I would say give this product a miss but if you are a sucker for Limited Edition or like me, just wanted to have it I would pick one up quick before they sell out!
Toodles xxx



  1. L'oreal produced these for Toronto Film Festival (which is where i'm living) and were handing them out at their festival tent. picked up Jlo's and Frieda's line
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Wow I didn't know that, what did you think of them


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