Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bourjois Java Rice Powder Review

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Hello Everyone!
Today we have a review of the new Java Rice Powder by Bourjois. I say new but it is actually a remake of one of their first powders from 1879 and was their first historical best seller and they are bringing it back for Bourjois' 150th Birthday.
Happy Birthday Bourjois!

The vintage packaging is supposedly based on the packing that they originally used for this product back in 1879 making this quite a nice little collectors piece if you love your make up. 
So what to Bourjois say about this powder?
Bourjois celebrates its 150th anniversary with a reinvented vintage edition of its first historical best-seller*: Java Rice Powder.
Luminous complexion
A delicately scented feather-light powder that lights up and smoothes complexion in one step. Its radiant and velvety finish immediately creates a youthful glow.
One translucent shade is universal and lights up all skin tones.

Vintage packaging
What’s more… The vintage inspired packaging is a make-up bag must-have !
Bourjois secret:
Java Rice Powder has the same addictive fragrance of the Little Round Pots… yum !
*2 million sold each year in the early 20th century!

First thing I have to point out is that they claim this product has an 'addictive fragrance' I have to disagree, I personally hate the smell, it smells a bit medical, like a dentist mixed with rose... I know some people like the scent and it's a personal choice but for me it's a bit off putting and quite strong.

The powder itself has a sifter on top so you don't end up wasting too much product, it is pretty handy for letting a bit of product out at a time as it is such a fine powder it would be easy to get WAY too much.

As you can see, the powder is a light pink colour but added to the face it doesn't look pink at all, it actually has a very nice effect. I personally think it makes a lovely highlight for cheek bones as it had a little bit of sparkle to it but it can easily be worn all over the face to set foundation or on its own and it adds a subtle little healthy glow. The below swatch is the back of my hand and I have built up the powder as one swatch is very sheer (as you would want in a setting powder) but I am showing you how you can begin to build this product up for a highlight.
As you can see, the product no longer looks pinky, it is more silvery or sheer.

The powder blends beautifully and I had several compliments on how I looked 'well rested' while I was wearing it.
It is not the longest lasting powder with me needing to reapply after around 6 hours but as it is nice small packing it is easy to take around with you in your bag so it wasn't too much of an issue.
The next two pictures are of me wearing it as a cheekbone highlight:



  1. This is gorgeous! I've just ordered it from Boots & can't wait to get it!


  2. I need to get this it's gorgeous! Really good indepth review!
    Lots of love
    Laura x

    1. Thank you glad you liked it :) I'll check out your blog now thank you for the link x

  3. i really enjoy the vintage look of the package. i bought a similar design from a ceramis factor in portugal. apparently women use to put cold cream in those little ceramic containers. loves it.
    A Beautiful Zen

  4. I've got a similar jar that is a replica of the cold cream pots that they used to have on the titanic in first class :) picked it up in Vegas at a titanic exhibition :)

  5. Makes such a perfect high light!!


    1. I love it as a highlight :) been reading your blog it's really good

  6. Oh I want it so bad. I've read so many post on it but only wanted it for the packaging as I think it is so beautiful. But after reading your post I want if for the product as well. Lovely review and it looks amazing on you.

    Hannah xxx

    1. Hello :) to be honest I bought it for the packing too but I ended up really liking it :) thanks for leaving your blog link I'll have a look now :)


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