Monday, 7 October 2013

Bourjois Intuitive Liner Review

Hello Everyone!
Hope you're all doing well, I've had a busy week this week, been swept off my feet rushing here there and everywhere but finally I have time to pause for another review, this one is of the Intuitive Liner from Bourjois.

I think I should start by saying I didn't intend to get this liner, I was browsing in boots when I saw it and as I'm always in the market for a new liquid liner, I decided to add it to my basket.
This little liner pen will set you back around £6.99 from boots and superdrug so it is pretty budget friendly.
The colour I have is black, I couldn't see any other colours of this range but black is my colour of choice anyway in a liquid liner, however, this is a liquid liner with a difference, it is actually a 3 point marker, so instead of one point you get three, confused? See the picture below: 

The three point system is supposed to help give you the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes and claims to be fail proof... Interesting....
This is what Bourjois has to say on their website: 

 Discover a new, revolutionary way to line your eyes and enhance your lashes!
Inspired by the famous art technique of ‘dotting’ (pointillisme), the intuitive liner forms a dotted, fine and intense line in 1 easy, failproof application.
Special tip: Simply tap the triple-pointed liner along the lash line in a successive “dotting” motion. Each black dot will make your lashes look extra long and give them more definition!
No risk of overlapping or wobbly lines!
Intense black formula, Long-lasting hold for up to 24 hours*.

Sounds amazing yes? Well yes it does (oh and if you're wondering what that little * is for, it's where they tell you that they tested this theory on x amount of women, in this case the x amount is the grand total of 31 women.... Make of that what you will) 
Now to be honest I did like this liner at first, it applies evenly and easily, it is buildable in thickness so you can get a nice strong line if that is the look you are going for and applied carefully gives a good strong line that is even and looks like it took a lot of perfecting. The look I tend to create is a 50s flick.
Wear time was pretty good I had it on from 9am till I went to take off my makeup at 7pm and you could still see where I had made my mark nice and clearly, however, this is where it went wrong, my right eye was smudged, black eyeliner all up my eyelid, I looked stupid and god knows how long I had looked that way as I hadn't been near many mirrors! However I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt and try again, bad times... Same result but both eyes this time. I tried it 4 times in total and each time I noticed various degrees of smudging which is a huge shame as the product was so nice! The worst part is, this is the first eyeliner to do this to me and I have tried loads, I was surprised as my lids aren't even particularly oily at all. Now I could go in and try and set the liner with a powder and see if that helps but I didn't as realistically who wants to have to try and set a liner eyes day when you can buy equally priced liners that are not a smudge problem.
All in all this is a so so product, without the smudging this could have been a rave review but as it stands it's a warning, try this at your peril because smudging is never good and as it never happens to me I dread to think where the blackness would go around the face of someone with oiler skin.
If you have tried this product and it worked for you please tell me about it I'd love to hear from you :)
Bye for now xxx


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