Friday, 4 October 2013

American Wishlist

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post today,
Sorry about my recent lack of posts I've been having a hectic time, first family came to stay then I went to London and currently I'm in Scotland and half the time I don't even have an internet signal, so posting action has been a bit behind,
Anyway, my favourite mister is going to America soon and I have been through the emotions, extreme jealousy that I couldn't go and then extreme excitement as I realised I could write a wish list for him to go and find for me, I'm still writing said list but so far I have the following items noted down:
1. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm
2. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
3. Sephora Minis Collection
4. Lorac Pro Palette
5. EOS Mint
6. Wet n Wild Eyeshadows
7. Physicians Formula Blush
8. Crest Whitening Strips
9. Maybelline Clear Mascara
10. Maybelline Purple Mascara

And that's it so far..... It's quite the list!
Have you had any American beauty hauls? If so, what am I missing from my list?

Toodles xxx

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