Monday, 21 October 2013

8 Random Geeky Facts Tag

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Hello Everyone!
Today's post is going to be a but different to the reviews of late and I'm doing a tag. I was going about my daily twitter watch and I saw @Joelle_o (her twitter name) mentioning that she was making this tag, I like the idea of it, embracing our inner geeky sides :) if you want to read her blog you can do so here:
And without further ado here are my geeky facts.

1. I wear glasses, it was enough to get me called geeky at school, I have never embraced contacts as I'm far too squeamish to prod myself in the eye so glasses it is.
2. I love French films, I can speak a little bit of French and I always like to try and see how much I can pick up from films or French magazines.
3. I have watched Friends so many times that if I am casually flicking through channels and I flick onto an episode I usually know which episode it is and what is happening within seconds.
4. I go crazy for documentaries, I watch more from my documentary subscription on my Sky TV than any other package. I can't get enough.
5. I love visiting places that are in the National Trust or just British Heritage in general, I'd rather visit a castle than a nightclub, every time, hands down.
6. I collect thimbles.... Nuff said.
7. I love making lists, to do lists, packing lists, things I want lists, places I need to go lists, lists about lists.... The list goes on, literally.
8. I play guess the breed of dog with my other half, we hear a dog bark, we guess the breed then go investigate to see if we were right, it's tragic.

There you have it people 8 geeky little fact, I tag all of you who read this and if you do this tag, let me know about it I would love to see your answers :)
Toodles xxx


  1. I LOVe French films too!!Have you seen Le Classroom or Mon Pere ce Hero? They are the best!! SO glad I'm not the only one who loves documentaries and making lists too!
    Thanks so much for taking part! :)

    1. Hey :) is le classroom the one about the teacher with the troubled kids?

  2. Bahaha. I love your guess the breed game. I'm gonna tell my boyfriend about it. I'm also a listaholic. At work when I'm bored at the tills, I'll get till paper and write lists for shopping, blogging, anything. I'm also on the Goodreads website as I can list all the books I've read and want to read. It's a dream come true. Lol yeah, I'm sad.
    As for documentaries, you can't been a bit of David Attenborough.


    1. I've been on the lists all day today it's like some sort of disorder lol xx

  3. Thank you for your amazing tip on my eyeshadow post last week :D

    I love your friends fact, I do the same. I also bust out the odd friends quote far more than I should haha

    Hannah xxx

  4. In glad I helped :) and yes I throw in the odd quote here and there and when people know what I'm talking about I know I've made a friend haha x


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