Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Neal's Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm Review

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Hello Everyone,
Today we are going to be talking about Wild Rose Beauty Balm from Neal's Yard.
I was lucky enough to be sent this by Neal's Yard to try and I have to say I was blown away as this had been a product that I had been lusting after and mulling over for quite some time and here it was, in my house.
Now let's get the obligatory comments about the packaging out of the way, I love the packaging of Neal's Yard products, so pretty and chic with a nice little nod to vintage apothecary jars, this is just one of those brands that looks special in your bathroom or wherever you choose to keep your lotions and potions.

The balm itself is one of those magical multi-use products that are popping up here and there, the advertised uses are as follows:
1. Exfoliating Cleanser:
Massage a small amount of the balm into skin (paying extra attention to dry areas) then use a warm, wet, muslin cloth, buff your face whilst you remove the balm from your face.
2. Balancing Mask:
Apply to cleansed skin  and cover with a hot muslin cloth to open pores, repeat then relax for 30 mins before buffing the balm away with another warm muslin cloth. Finally, cover your face with a cold, wet, muslin cloth to close your pores. Pat dry and you're done.
3. Nourishing Balm:
Pop a small amount on to any dry or dehydrated areas of freshly cleansed skin.
4. Full Facial Treatment:
Follow steps 1 and 2 but before removing your balm as you would in step 2, instead you need to massage in any remaining balm after your 30 minute relaxation time. You then leave this on overnight as an intensive moisturiser.

I also have discovered three additional uses to the Wild Rose Beauty Balm,
5. Dry Elbow Treatment:
If you have been a little outdoorsy lately you may have suffered a bit of dry skin on your elbows with the seasons changing, rub a small amount of balm into the offending area before bed, I find it works best after a nice hot bath, leave overnight et voila! Happy Elbows.
6. Chapped Knuckles:
Disgusting to think about I know but with moving house and packing etc and all the hand washing can result in chapped knuckles, treat the same way as elbows in step 5 .
7. Lip Treatment:
If you suffer from dry lips, rub a bit of balm into your lips before bed. This is far too heavy for daytime so I only use this as a night treatment.

The smell is very soothing, it doesn't smell too overpowering with a fake rose scent like some rose products you can buy (incidentally, these OTT rose products can be bad for your skin as rose oil is a recognised irritant which can cause breakouts, redness and dry skin in some - not everyone - but some.... Just a little heads up there) this is because Neal's Yard use organic ingredients most of the time and the rose scent comes from rosehip oil, a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is supposed to be great for reducing fine line and wrinkle formation. That combined with the other organic ingredients creates a sort of menthol/rose smell that I personally love.
I have to say I have very much enjoyed this balm, it is especially good for this time of year as with the weather changing my skin decides to try and bring back the summer by bringing the Sahara Desert to my face, I do not appreciate this, in fact I hate it but this balm has been a lovely little treat for my skin and subsequently, my skin has been thanking me for it and being less of an autumn rebel.

Have you tried this balm or any other Neal's Yard products that you think I need to invest in?
Hope you enjoyed the review!
Toodles xxx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Rimmel Glam Plum Fulham Lipstick Review

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Hello Everyone!
As you might have gathered from the title, this is a review of the new Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick in Glam Plum Fulham. Wow that's quite a mouthful!
This shade was released on 3rd October this year and I was eager to pick it up as it has been claimed to be a pretty good dupe of Rebel by MAC and Rebel was on my 'to buy' list.

Glam Plum Fulham is the perfect Autumn shade, a deep plum shade that is still bold enough to make a bit of a statement in the sea of plum lips out there at the minute. 
I have to say I am not a fan of the packaging or the smell.
The packaging feels a bit cheap and the purple lid that comes with the lipstick looks a bit... well outdated, there's something a little 90s about it. That being said, many people might love the packing and this is just my personal opinion.
The smell reminds me of a mix between crayons and the old Play-Doh scent, waxy with a hint of vanilla.
Now that I have got the negatives out of the way let's get on to the product performance.
Glam Plum Fulham is very highly pigmented and creamy, this makes application very easy as it just slides onto the lips with ease, no tugging at the lips, no patchy application. Due to the pigmentation, you can get an opaque coverage with one swipe.
One swipe on my arm, natural daylight - no flash.

The deep plum shade would suit most skintones and is also a shade that would look great into winter, standing out among all the seasonal red lips that will be making an appearance.
The creamy formula is supposed to be moisturising to wear, Rimmel claims each Moisture Renew Lipstick contains vitamins A, C and E to help care for the skin on your lips. 
Personally I didn't feel this lipstick added any moisture to my lips at all, but it certainly didn't dry them out either.

Wear time was a solid 6 hours without top up and without a lip liner underneath but I didn't eat or drink in this time either.
Overall this is a good lipstick for the price you pay because this lipstick has been called a dupe of MAC's Rebel and MAC lipsticks are £15.00 whereas Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks are £6.49 and I personally don't think it is worth almost £10 extra just to get a MAC lipstick so for a drugstore alternative, this is a really good purchase.
There are 20 shades in the Moisture Renew line so I'm sure you can find a shade to suit you.
Have you tried any of these lip colours? Are there any I should invest in?
Hope you enjoyed the review!
Toodles xxx



Monday, 28 October 2013

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Review

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Hello Everyone,
This is a review of Illamasqua's Hydra Veil.
I would just like to mention I have not had the full sized product I have only had a sample of this from the Illamasqua Website when I spent over a set amount on my last order with them.
There has been a lot of misinformation surrounding Hydra Veil, people have claimed that it is a moisturiser/primer hybrid, this isn't quite right, yes it does hydrate the skin somewhat however it does not deliver long term benefits as it is not skincare and Illamasqua have said they will never do skincare so personally I think this is just a fancy primer.
This is the sample I have been using, the usual Hydra Veil packing is a round jar.

Hydra Veil is a thick consistency, like jelly, if you rub it too quick it crumbles but if you smooth it onto your skin it melts in easily and evenly and feels light and airy on the face. I used this in place of a moisturiser or primer and placed it on before my foundation and concealer and I have to say I noticed my foundation applied easier and smoother.
The results lasted all day as you would expect with a primer (after all primers are supposed to help prolong wear of your makeup by applying a base to your skin)
I also like how it feels a bit like a magic potion, starts off as a thick gel, melts into a water like state then smooths into the skin beautifully, however I will point out one weird fact... It doesn't seem to agree with my forehead.... Weird I know but for some reason my forehead gets very oily halfway through the day after I have used Hydra Veil, now I normally don't even have oily skin so this is quite surprising, I have taken to not applying this to my full face and just across my nose and cheeks instead.
As a primer it works pretty well and the short term hydration is useful if you are in a hurry and want to combine two steps into one to cut your getting ready time.
Was it fun to use? Yes it was and I had wanted to try Hydra Veil after seeing all the positive reviews but I have to admit I wasn't blown away and I will be returning to my normal routines of using my morning moisturiser and following up with a primer.
Would I repurchase this? Probably not but I am glad  I tried it.
Have  you tried Hydra Veil? How did it work for you?
Toodles xxx

Friday, 25 October 2013

YLS Youth Liberator Foundation Review

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Hello Everyone!
Today I am reviewing the new YSL foundation, the new Youth Liberator Foundation is  apparently the first serum-foundation and is based on YSL's best selling Youth Liberator Serum (which I have tried and love by the way) so when I saw it start popping up on the occasional blog here and there it was one of those 'I must have it!!!' moments, which was no doubt spurred on by my love and devotion for the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation.
So armed with my blogger enthusiasm and need I ran off to town and picked up a bottle.

And it is beautiful. Just look at the bottle, it just looks luxurious. 
The 30ml glass bottle would make a pretty addition to any vanity unit, however, packaging means nothing if the product inside is a let down.
As I said earlier this is 30ml of product which is the standard size for foundations, what isn't standard however, is the price.
This cost me an eye watering £37 which has pushed it into my number one spot for my most expensive foundation. I'm not going to lie, I died a little inside handing over so much money for a bottle of beige liquid but as I said earlier, I HAD to have it.
The consistency of the Youth Liberator Foundation is thicker than most of my other foundations but this is a medium to high coverage foundation so I was expecting a thicker consistency than my sheer foundations.
 As you can see the consistency is a thick blob but it blends into the face easily and leaves a beautiful finish. Fine lines appear less obvious and the skin has a beautiful luminous quality. I was wearing this foundation in my Halloween Look post that you can see here: Halloween Look
I had a lot of people asking about the foundation I was wearing in this look and this my friends, this is the culprit.
Wear time is standard on a good foundation, I get all day wear out of this with or without a primer underneath and despite the fact that it is quite a thick consistency, when blended into the skin it doesn't feel heavy at all.
I used a real techniques buffing brush to apply my foundation and I have also tried it with a beauty blender and my fingers, I found it worked well with all three but using my fingers was my least favourite method as it tended to make me feel a bit greasy.
One negative to mention is that there are currently only 6 shades to choose from so getting colour matched is a must, and be pushy, the sales woman at Debenhams tried to fob me off with a guess, a guess that would have been far too dark for me, I insisted she tried it on my face and then she realised her error, remember that you are paying a lot for this little bottle of magic and happiness , DO NOT be fobbed off! Hopefully YSL will add more shades to this range in the near future as the current range is pretty limited.
All in all I would recommend this foundation if you can handle the pain of handing over your life savings for a foundation.
Let me know if you have tried this foundation or if you are planning on trying it?
Toodles xxx


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Accessorize Exposed Eye Palette Review

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Hello Everyone!
Now confession time, I didn't know Accessorize made makeup and even if I had of known, I'm not sure I would have been excited as I immediately think of jewellery, hats and bags when I think of Accessorize but as I was browsing makeup in Superdrug I stumbled across their stand and couldn't resist trying one of their palettes.
The palette I picked up is called 'Exposed'
The palette itself is pretty enough, vintage design on a hard cardboard exterior and held shut with a bit of pink elastic in a sort of diary style. Inside the design is the same and there is a good sized mirror on the lid, however the mirror is quite poor quality so don't rely on it for applying your looks. Packaging is quite important to me in helping me decide which products to buy and I have to say that the packaging here is a little bit young for me so I'm assuming these products are aimed at teenagers rather than 20something beauty bloggers... But still I decided to give it a go as I couldn't resist 32 neutral shades for £6.95 (I think it is supposed to be £8.95 but superdrug has an offer on these palettes at the moment)
The shades themselves looked pretty enough but as they didn't have a tester out I had to wait till I was back home to swatch and make my mind up.

I'm glad I took a chance on this palette! As you can see, for a neutral palette, the shade range is actually pretty large as there are some shades in there that would push neutral lovers just outside their usual comfort zone and possibly open the door to a bit more colour play in future.
The colours are soft and easy to blend with one another and this makes this palette very versatile as with all the mixing and matching you could do it would be very easy to use 'Exposed' to create very wearable day or night looks.
Some of the lighter shades need a little bit of building to get good colour payoff but nothing to sway you from using those colours.
Another feature I love in this palette is the mix if matte and shimmer shades as it is nice to have a choice like that all in one little palette.
Fallout is minimum if you tap your brush off before going in for the kill but that is the same for most shadows.
I have been wearing these shadows over primer (as I always do) and they last around 7 hours for me, which is, in my opinion, enough wear time for me especially in a palette so budget friendly.
 Below are the swatches over a primer on my arm, you can see that some of the shades are sheerer than others but most of them are very highly pigmented:
Top Row
Second Row
Third Row
Bottom Row

All in all I think this is a fantastic little palette and I'm thinking of picking up more from the Accessorize range next time I go shopping.
Have you tried any of the beauty offerings from Accessorize? What did you think?
Toodles xxx

Monday, 21 October 2013

8 Random Geeky Facts Tag

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Hello Everyone!
Today's post is going to be a but different to the reviews of late and I'm doing a tag. I was going about my daily twitter watch and I saw @Joelle_o (her twitter name) mentioning that she was making this tag, I like the idea of it, embracing our inner geeky sides :) if you want to read her blog you can do so here:
And without further ado here are my geeky facts.

1. I wear glasses, it was enough to get me called geeky at school, I have never embraced contacts as I'm far too squeamish to prod myself in the eye so glasses it is.
2. I love French films, I can speak a little bit of French and I always like to try and see how much I can pick up from films or French magazines.
3. I have watched Friends so many times that if I am casually flicking through channels and I flick onto an episode I usually know which episode it is and what is happening within seconds.
4. I go crazy for documentaries, I watch more from my documentary subscription on my Sky TV than any other package. I can't get enough.
5. I love visiting places that are in the National Trust or just British Heritage in general, I'd rather visit a castle than a nightclub, every time, hands down.
6. I collect thimbles.... Nuff said.
7. I love making lists, to do lists, packing lists, things I want lists, places I need to go lists, lists about lists.... The list goes on, literally.
8. I play guess the breed of dog with my other half, we hear a dog bark, we guess the breed then go investigate to see if we were right, it's tragic.

There you have it people 8 geeky little fact, I tag all of you who read this and if you do this tag, let me know about it I would love to see your answers :)
Toodles xxx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Illamasqua Empower Palette Review

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Hello Everyone!
Ok so today I am doing yet another review, this is a review of Illamasqua's Empower Palette.

I've  not heard a lot said about this palette and I think that is a shame as it is beautiful. I know it has been overlooked sometimes as just another neutral palette but you are wrong my friends, very wrong. Firstly let's discuss the packing, I won't go too into detail as I have reviewed a fair few Illamasqua items on my blog and I always rave about the packing, so in the interest of not getting boring I will just say I LOVE Illamasqua packaging.
The actual eyeshadows themselves are interesting, the two brown and the one pink shadows are powder and the grey is a liquid metal. The shades are as follows:
Synth: A light pink shimmer shade with some fine and some bigger chunks of glitter, this shade is therefore the roughest of all 4 shades.
Blink: A light nude shade. This shade is matte and would make a lovely lid or highlight colour for the browbone.
Fervent: This appears in the pan as a dark brown shade but swatch it out and it is truly beautiful and is actually the reason I bought this palette as I didn't have any dupes for this gorgeous shade, as you swatch it you can see iridescent glitters running through that catch in the light and cast a greeny metallic look over the top of the brown. The brown itself turns red the more you swatch it out. This is a very unique shade and if you get the chance to swatch this, make sure you do.
Slick: Slick is the liquid metal, a dark grey cream shadow that works beautifully as either a base for your shadow, a liner or to add definition, for example, in the crease. I tend to find liquid metals, like all cream eyeshadows on me, crease. I can try and combat this by setting it with a dusting of powder, either face powder or with another powder eyeshadow.

The swatch above is in normal daylight.

Wear time is standard for Illamasqua products, with a good primer and a setting spray my makeup looks the same as it did at the beginning of the day by the time I go to take it off at night.
The pink shade is a tad sheer and does need building up but apart from that I think this palette is beautiful and I'm glad I picked it up.
You can pick up this palette from, selfridges and selected debenhams and debenhams online for around £34.00.
I hope you enjoyed this review, have you tried any Illamasqua products?
Toodles xxx


Saturday, 19 October 2013

My Halloween Makeup Look

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Hey Everyone!
I warn you in advance that this is going to be a pretty picture heavy post today.
Today I am going to show you how I will be doing my makeup for Halloween, nothing extreme or scary, just a little party look inspired by Goldie Starling from YouTube, check her out her tutorials are amazing!
Anyway this is the look:
and some more posing coming right up....

As you can see it is a pretty simple but effective look for Halloween.
Coming up are some pictures of the makeup and brushes I used to create this look.
I used the angled brush to define my crease with the burgundy colour from the Accessorize Palette shown below. I then used the pink fluffy brush to further create a cut crease with my red Sugarpill single eyeshadow again shown below.
I then used my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk to colour in the lid to act as a base for the light colour I used over my lid area. The light colour was again from the Accessorize Palette and was from the top row 4th in from the left. I defined my brow bone with the same colour.
Once I had blended the shades together I used my Illamasqua Precision Liner in Scribe to create the spiders web that decorates the top of the eye area.
I finished off the eye area with black liquid liner from Revlon and a good coating of Benefit's They're Real mascara.

After I had finished my eyes I worked on my face. I used Illamasqua's Skinbase Concealer in White Light to add light to all the areas on my face the sun would hit (under the eyes and across my cheekbones, down my nose, my chin and the space between my brows), I wanted it bright not bronzed which is why I used this pure white concealer from Illamasqua.
Once Blended in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush (pictured above) I used my new YSL Youth Liberator Foundation all over my face and again blended and buffed into the skin with my Buffing Brush.
I followed this with a light contour using my Sleek Contour Kit and my Real Techniques Contour Brush.
I then dipped my Real Techniques Face Brush (the last brush in the line up, the biggest one) into Sleek's Blush in Antique and proceeded to lightly dust it onto my cheeks and into my contour to soften the lines. I picked a dark Autumnal colour as I thought this would best compliment the look. 

Last but not least we have lips. I used this purple lip liner from Barry M to outline my lips and shade in the inner corners to create a darkened ombre effect. I then applied my Lime Crime lipstick in the shade Glamour 101 all over the lip area.

And that's it, I didn't go into great detail as you can watch the video of a similar look on Goldie Starling's YouTube channel.
Thank you for reading :)
Toodles xxx


Friday, 18 October 2013

Topshop Nails 'Plume' Review

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Hello Everyone!
Hope you are all well and good.
Today's Review is on a Topshop Nail Varnish in the Shade 'Plume'.

I have never tried a Topshop Nail Varnish before but on my recent London shopping trip I picked up a couple.
First impressions of Plume are that is it a very pretty and unique shade, I don't have anything the same as this in my collection and my collection is around pretty vast.... Oops.
It is a gorgeous midnight purple colour perfect for Autumn, but - as you can see by the picture - it has a duo chrome effect with multi dimensional glitter iridescence that give it a purple to blue to almos fuscia appearance depending on which way the sparkles catch the light. With all of this going on it appears almost metallic which has been a huge trend lately, sadly though, Plume and I did not get on.

Moving on from what is beautiful about this little bottle of sparkles, lets now discuss what was wrong with it. Firstly I found it incredibly patchy when applying to my nails, it took three coats to get a decent covering without it looking streaky. One thing I hate is nail varnish that applies streaky, it just puts me off using it again.
Secondly it took forever to dry, I mean it, god created the universe in less time and then had time to cost London, Paris and Rome to do the tourist thing.... You get the idea. It stayed sticky for ages and then I had to do three coats meaning it took all day to get my nails done.
By this point I was a bit miffed with it but it was done and my nails looked pretty, however it didn't last, by less than 24 hours later I had some serious chipping and this is a picture of my nails 2 days later:

Chipped and sad looking :( 
So all in all I wasn't very impressed. I have two other Topshop Nail Varnishes to try so I hope they perform better. At £6 a go have you had any experience with Topshop Nails? Did they work for you?

Till next time
Toodles xxx

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bourjois Java Rice Powder Review

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Hello Everyone!
Today we have a review of the new Java Rice Powder by Bourjois. I say new but it is actually a remake of one of their first powders from 1879 and was their first historical best seller and they are bringing it back for Bourjois' 150th Birthday.
Happy Birthday Bourjois!

The vintage packaging is supposedly based on the packing that they originally used for this product back in 1879 making this quite a nice little collectors piece if you love your make up. 
So what to Bourjois say about this powder?
Bourjois celebrates its 150th anniversary with a reinvented vintage edition of its first historical best-seller*: Java Rice Powder.
Luminous complexion
A delicately scented feather-light powder that lights up and smoothes complexion in one step. Its radiant and velvety finish immediately creates a youthful glow.
One translucent shade is universal and lights up all skin tones.

Vintage packaging
What’s more… The vintage inspired packaging is a make-up bag must-have !
Bourjois secret:
Java Rice Powder has the same addictive fragrance of the Little Round Pots… yum !
*2 million sold each year in the early 20th century!

First thing I have to point out is that they claim this product has an 'addictive fragrance' I have to disagree, I personally hate the smell, it smells a bit medical, like a dentist mixed with rose... I know some people like the scent and it's a personal choice but for me it's a bit off putting and quite strong.

The powder itself has a sifter on top so you don't end up wasting too much product, it is pretty handy for letting a bit of product out at a time as it is such a fine powder it would be easy to get WAY too much.

As you can see, the powder is a light pink colour but added to the face it doesn't look pink at all, it actually has a very nice effect. I personally think it makes a lovely highlight for cheek bones as it had a little bit of sparkle to it but it can easily be worn all over the face to set foundation or on its own and it adds a subtle little healthy glow. The below swatch is the back of my hand and I have built up the powder as one swatch is very sheer (as you would want in a setting powder) but I am showing you how you can begin to build this product up for a highlight.
As you can see, the product no longer looks pinky, it is more silvery or sheer.

The powder blends beautifully and I had several compliments on how I looked 'well rested' while I was wearing it.
It is not the longest lasting powder with me needing to reapply after around 6 hours but as it is nice small packing it is easy to take around with you in your bag so it wasn't too much of an issue.
The next two pictures are of me wearing it as a cheekbone highlight:


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Same But Different?

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Hello Everyone!
Following the success from my last dupes post I am adding a couple more lipsticks that I have had a little déjà vu with.
I buy a lot of make up, A LOT... It is inevitable that now and then I will be drawn to similar shades, so this is a post about two different 'dupes' but they are a different formula meaning I am able to justify having them... Maybe... A bit.
First off are these two beauties:

MAC 'Viva Glam 1' and Lime Crime  'Glamour 101'
Both are deep red, vampy colours and both swatch out pretty similar. The main difference is that MAC Viva Glam 1 is a matte shade so that means no shine and long lasting colour (around 6-7 hours) but, as with all matte lipsticks I have tried, they can be a little drying on the lips. If you have normal lips you can probably get round this by applying a good balm 15-20 mins before you apply your makeup, this allows it to sink in and your matte lipstick shouldn't do too much drying to your lips.
Lime Crime Glamour 101 is a glossy finish which means wear time is less (around 3-4 hours) but is less drying than its MAC counterpart.

MAC Viva Glam 1 is the first shade and Lime Crime Glamour 101 is the second. As you can see they are pretty similar but you can see one is matte and the other is glossy.
Picking which one to go for would depend on the finish you are wanting, I personally love both and wear them equally. 
It is also worth mentioning that they both smell identical too with a nice subtle vanilla scent.
The MAC Viva Glam lipsticks have the added bonus that the full RRP goes to the MAC AIDS fund to help out men, women and children affected by the disease.
You can pick up MAC in the UK at, MAC stores, selected Debenhams, House of Fraser, Selfridges and all three department store websites. I have also spotted MAC at Jarrods Stores. Lime Crime is harder to find but I buy mine from as they have always been quick with shipping and have a good range of hard to find products.
MAC retails for £15.00 and Lime Crime retails for £11.50

Now for same but different number 2:
Illamasqua Howl Lipstick and Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple:

As with the previous two, the finishes of these lipsticks is very different, Illamasqua's Howl lipstick is another matte finish and Revlon Lip Butters are basically a tinted lip balm but I find them to be very pigmented unlike other lip balms I have tried and that is why I have included it as a lipstick.
The colour of both is a bright yellow toned red but again, the finishes are very different. Mattes (as we have already discussed) have a tendency to dry the lips unless you prep beforehand, whereas Revlon Lip Butters are ready to go straight away and the moisturise as you wear them, bonus!

Now take a moment to look at that, they could be the same lipstick! Illamasqua is the first swatch and Revlon is the second one. Neither product has a particular smell about them and they both look really nice on, a pretty pop of colour, however, the Illamasqua version is £16.50 and the Revlon version is normally £7.99 but boots have an offer on at the moment and so you can pick up Revlon Candy Apple for £5.99 so basically you need to decide if having this colour in a matte shade is important to you or can you deal with a bit if shine and moisture? If you can, go for the Revlon :)
You can pick up Illamasqua from or selected House of Fraser stores and online, you can get Revlon at Boots and Superdrug.
I hope you enjoyed this review, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' and let me know what you think of these comparisons in the comments below.
Toodles for now xxx


Monday, 14 October 2013

Neal's Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture Review

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Hello Everyone!
Today's review is on Neal's Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture, a gorgeous rose scented moisturiser from Neal's Yard.

I was lucky enough to receive this moisturiser from a lovely woman at Neal's Yard after she discussed with me my skin type and my needs from a moisturising lotion, the result was this bottle of loveliness.

 Neal's Yard Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture is for normal to dehydrated skin and is suitable for everyday use (as the name daily moisture suggests) and I have been using it for the past few weeks as part of my daily routine before I pop my makeup on.

First thing I will mention is the packaging, Neal's Yard products come in gorgeous indigo coloured glass jars or bottles, that combined with the vintage looking label gives the bottle a mystical, sophisticated look, they remind me of old style apothecary jars... a little bit like a magic potion.
The lotion itself is dispensed through a pump at the top of the bottle and is a nice light consistency (almost runny) which absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving any residue or grease which I've found is quite rare in a moisturiser for dryer skin but is certainly nice, especially if - like me - you enjoy wearing makeup as it means you can wear foundation etc without looking greasy.
The scent is obviously rose, no whereas I had trouble with a Neal's Yard rose scent in the past, this one smells much nicer and when mixed with my skin the smell has a slight Turkish Delight scent which I love... even if it does leave me craving sweets at 8am ;)
Performance wise I have noticed that my dry patches I tend to get around my mouth area are gone, my skin looks nice and my makeup looks better than before during the day, as this is the only change to my daily routine I have tried, I can only assume that it is the result of using this cream every morning.
All in all I have been loving this product, the fact it sinks in so quickly yet leaves my skin feeling soft and happy has really impressed me and I am looking forward to trying more Neal's Yard products and Thank You to Jane from Neal's Yard for being so helpful.


Saturday, 12 October 2013

RiRi Heart MAC Fall - Talk That Talk Lipstick Dupes

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Hello Everyone!
Wow that's quite a long post name but basically that is what this post is all about, RiRi hearts MAC!
Now I know a lot of people went crazy for the newest Rihanna/MAC collaboration (myself included) and BOOM it was sold out everywhere before you could say 'Oooh look at that rose gold packing'.
I managed to grab a few bits from the collection myself, one of them being the 'Talk That Talk' lipstick.

I knew it wasn't my shade, I knew it was supposed to drag at the lips and be a tad patchy, I knew that Mr Sparkles hates this sort of colour on me but who cares, I wanted it, I needed it, I got it, and look at it.... Beautiful.
However, if you were not so fortunate in your shopping and didn't manage to pick up this shade even though you may have wanted it, fear not my lovelies as I have not one, but two dupes for you.

First thing to point out is that they don't look the same in the tube, but swatched out and also on the lips they look pretty much identical.
The first lipstick in the picture is obviously Talk That Talk, a retro matte formula from mac meaning no shine just hard, matte colour on your lips, this also means it will last a fair while on your lips and fade away leaving a stain, matte lipsticks are the most long wearing you can have.
Shade number two is Growl by Illamasqua, Growl is also a matte shade and is therefore the closest match out of my two dupes. In the tube it looks lighter than Talk That Talk but as you will see from my swatch in a moment, it isn't :)
Shade number three is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry. This is a glossy formula which is moisturising on the lips however it wont last as long as the two previous colours. Also, being glossy, it isn't an exact dupe of Talk That Talk but it is pretty damn close and also the (much) more affordable option.
Talk That Talk, Growl, Black Cherry

Talk That Talk retailed for £16.50 but to get it now I would imagine you will have to pay a lot more on ebay.
Growl retails at £16.50 from but you can also pick up Illamasqua products from and
Black Cherry retails at £7.49 from boots and superdrug, however have an offer on at the moment and their Super Lustrous Lipsticks are £5.49 at the moment so grab yourself a bargain! 

So there you have it, will you be picking up any of these dupes or did you get the original?
Stay tuned for more dupe posts as I have a few in the pipeline, don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and I'll see you all soon xx

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