Saturday, 14 September 2013

Wet n Wild Tough Girl Collection

Hello everyone!

I recently was lucky enough to pick up all 6 trios in the new Wet n Wild tough girl collection, this collection mistakenly gets referred to as the Beauty Army collection because of the marketing displays so you may know it as that.
The 6 trios are highly pigmented and wearable, much more wearable than the crazy colour pop series that was released for Spring/Summer 2013. The Tough Girl collection is also miles better in terms of pigmentation than the previous release making this collection - in my opinion - a must have, if you can find them that is.
The limited edition trios come in the following colours:
Zero Dark Flirty: a trio of purples that reminds me a little of the petal pusher palette but swatched side by side the shades are definitely different. Very wearable. The crease colour has a slight shimmer running through it but it doesn't show on the swatches.

I Don't Do Camoflage: this is a blue trio, again highly pigmented and wearable, personally I wouldn't wear all 3 together as it could be a tad 80s but they will definitely mix well with other eye colours. The crease colour again has fine blue glitter running through it which does transfer onto the eye and looks stunning. 

Support Our Troops: this is my least favourite of the collection, it's your standard black white and grey, the white is a bit difficult to build and quite shimmery but the black is super pigmented. 

Spoilt Army Brat: this one is my favourite of the collection, pink can sometimes be a difficult colour to pull off on the eyes but the muted nature of these pinks makes them wearable, the browbone colour is a beautiful dusty pink and looks stunning on the lid, I personally wouldn't use it as a browbone colour as it looks a bit like you have just had a brow wax.... Nuff said.

Enlisting For Beauty: This one is your standard brown trio, nice but if you have a lot of makeup you will probably already have similar colours - that being said, the eyelid shade is a really pretty subtle brown and looks stunning as an everyday wear colour.

  • Soldiers in Charms: Green, I love green, this is a definite must have from the collection, the pigmentation is excellent and the shades work really well together, the browbone colour makes a wonderful 'colour pop' inner corner colour and even though it looks lime green in the pan, the actual wear colour is more a light emerald shimmer. This is another favourite for me.

    And there we go with the picture heavy post.
    Wear time is the usual with these types of products, around 4-5 hours without a primer and around 8 hours with a primer. Personally I love Urban Decays Primer Potion as it seems to really help bring the shades out as well as prolong wear.
    Being in the UK these trios are pretty much impossible to get hold of and I gather they can be tricky to get hold of in some areas of the USA. I grabbed mine on ebay and I'm very glad I did!
    Hope you enjoyed this review and hope you can get hold of some of these.



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