Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser - You Need This!

Hi Everyone!

So if like me, you start with the best intentions but sometimes life happens and you end up jumping out your shower with no time to moisturise, this my friends, this is the potion for you.
Vaseline have brought out a nice new spray and go moisturiser, it makes those 'I'm so late!!!' Days (everyday) into days where you are still late but you are also smooth and smelling gorgeous in seconds.
The can is like an aerosol deodorant can and you just point and spray where you would normally moisturise and a thin mist of product spreads over the area, it feels wet not greasy and rubs in within seconds which suits me as I'm not a fan of sitting around being sticky.
You can see the film of moisturiser applied fresh to my arm here.

Now the best bit, it's cheap. I picked mine up from boots for only £4.99 and they have 3 scents, the cocoa butter one I have, Aloe Vera and 'Essential Moisture'
I urge, no I demand you pick one up ;)

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