Sunday, 1 September 2013

Neal's Yard Rose and Mallow Moisturiser Review

Hello Everyone!
I'm going to keep this short and sweet, this is my review of my first Neal's Yard product, sadly after this it will also be my last.
I didn't hate this product per se, I just didn't love it either and being that I paid £21 for it I would expect to love it a little bit more.

The Neal's Yard website says the following about the product:

Cooling and restorative rose balances the complexion while mallow and almond soften and smooth for radiant skin. 

Sounds good right? Except it isn't really that good, for me it looks the part, comes in a pretty blue glass jar and with the vintage apothecary style label it just looks special, on first glances inside it still looks good, you can clearly smell the rose scent and being a lover of rose scented things this sold the product to me.
The actual product itself seems medium thickness and rubs into the skin nicely, however this is where I started to notice things I didn't like, first of all was the smell, that pretty, light rose scent is replaced by a smell a bit more unpleasant, if you are from the uk and can remember back to the 90s where they had those scratch and smell history books there was a one where they told you they used to use rose petals to hide the smell of dirty outdoor toilets? You would scratch and there was a small of rose mixed with a barnyard scent? That's what this reminds me of, not a pleasant memory as I'm rubbing it into my face thinking 'this smells like a farmyard' :S
Secondly was the fact that the product doesn't actually seem to do anything, I didn't feel more hydrated through the day and my skin has actually been a tad drier than usual and I've even had a couple of spots, I never really get spots so this is likely to be the cream.

So there you go there's my quick review of this moisturiser and all I can say is, yes the jar is pretty but save yourself a bit of money and get a better cream, like Liz Earle day cream for example, dear Liz Earle day cream, I'm sorry I left you please take me back!!


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