Monday, 9 September 2013 (love makeup) Review

Hello Everyone!
This is my little two cents worth for the website
If you haven't heard of this website it's basically a must have for anyone in the UK who wants to get their hands on some of the US beauty brands and not be whacked with a massive import bill.
As usual I was a bit worried about ordering from a website I hadn't used before but as I browsed their selection I couldn't resist investigating further as they had 3 of the top brands I wanted to try in stock:

  • Lime Crime 
  • Sugarpill
  • NYX
I also noted that they allow their customers to pay via PayPal so that swayed me further as I don't like putting my bank details in on new websites (unless it is a large well known website such as MAC or Debenhams) 
I then went and read a couple of reviews of love makeup and everything seemed pretty positive. Armed with this I placed an order for a Lime Crime lipstick (glamour 101 if you're interested) paying via PayPal and waited.
I didn't have to wait long, two days later it arrived at my door. 
I loved my purchase and ease of shopping (no typing in card details or security codes, PayPal is so convenient for shopping) and I was also thrilled by the quick delivery and so I placed a second order and spent a little more this time.
I ordered a combination of Sugarpill and NYX goodies, they arrived next day...
So if you are interested take a little peek at their website and treat yourself, I am already eyeing up my next purchases which might include a Z Palette for my first foray into depotting.

I hope this review has helped you somewhat if like me you were a bit nervous of ordering online after hearing a lot of bad experience involving other websites that promise US products to UK customers and also if you have been stung by fake products on sites like eBay I can safely say, in my opinion, this website is amazing I only wish they could stock a few more brands, for example the sigma makeup brand as well as the brushes they already stock.

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