Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Illamasqua Reflections Palette Review

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Hello everyone,

I'm sure you might have guessed it by now but I'm a big illamasqua fan, I love the packaging, the colours and the general artistry associated with the brand.
Straying from their trademark bright and brave colours comes the new Reflections palette, part of the new Sacred Hour collection released for Autumn or Fall 2013.
When I first got wind of this palette coming out I was pretty excited, infact I've not been so excited about a palette since the Naked palettes from Urban Decay arrived on our shores so this was a pretty big deal to me. Added to this were the other pieces in the collection so I popped an order in on illamasqua.com for this palette, the new lipstick in a berry shade called Shard and the two new nail varnishes called Facet and Hemlock.
Now just take a step back and fall in love with this collection, it is beautiful.
Sacred Hour is about the two magical times of dusk and dawn, a time with shimmering lights, darkened colours and the unmistakeable feeling of possibility. The Refections eyeshadow palette captures this perfectly.
The shadows themselves are an unusual texture, a mixture between cream and powder that is truly unique and with all the makeup I have come across in my years, this is the first texture like this, almost like silk in makeup form, because of this silkiness the colours blend together like a dream, so easy and effortless.
The four colours in this palette are:

  • Precipice - a shade that looks cream in the pan but applied to the lid it has yellowy green undertones, very slight but enough to add a little something extra.
  • Acute - a deep chocolate shade with enough shimmer to break up such a strong colour.
  • Dart - a beautiful copper bronze with slight golden shimmer.
  • Graphica - a beautiful grey blue colour with flecks of silver shimmer running through.
To me this palette has such an earthy feel to it I feel like each if the shades could represent the four elements: earth, air, fire and water with precipice being air, acute being earth, dart being fire and graphica being water. It adds to the beauty and mysticism of the palette for me.

A word of warning about this palette is that with the shades being as creamy as they are they can tend to crease if you don't use a good base, I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion followed by NYX's jumbo eye pencil in Milk, I then use my shadows and follow with a setting spray and that makes everything stay put.

These shades all mix together beautifully and I would fully recommend you pick this little gem up, if nothing else but to marvel at its beauty. Below are three of the easy daytime looks I have created with this palette, enjoy :) 


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