Thursday, 26 September 2013

Beauty Blender Review

Hello Everyone!
So I finally bought the famous beauty blender. I held off and held off with doubts like "can I really spend £16 on a sponge?" And also I was pretty happy with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush so the Beauty Blender ended up being an item I added to my online baskets over and over then removed at the check out, then the day came when Fleur de Force had a discount code for Cult Beauty and so I went for it, 4 days later the Beauty Blender was mine!

 Let's take a moment to appreciate just how pink this little sponge is, it is the hottest of hot pink and I know this shouldn't be a deciding factor in buying an item, I have to admit that the pinkness did pull me in a little... I mean just look at it!
Anyway moving on from the colour, how does the Beauty Blender perform? Well quite simply, it is fantastic! I don't know why I didn't own this till now, normally I'm pretty happy with my makeup application but one thing I have noticed is that makeup can tend to sink into fine wrinkles after a couple of hours and this emphasises them, so far I have been combatting this by trying not to apply makeup near my lines in the hope of avoiding them but with the Beauty Blender I didn't need to do this, it really does give your face a flawless airbrushed appearance.
Let's start with how to use it, the sponge is a teardrop shape, the pointed slimmer end is shaped perfectly to hit the smaller contours of your face, under eye concealer, around the nose etc, whereas the larger curve is for the rest of your face.
To use the Beauty Blender you rinse it under warm water at which point the sponge swells to around double it's original size, you then squeeze out the excess water and towel dry till you are left with a damp, fat sponge.
I then used my fingers to pop a few dots of foundation around my face and applied my collection concealer under my eyes and around my nose then proceeded to pat the sponge around my face as directed by the instructions, first thing I noticed was how flawless I looked, it takes hardly any effort to smooth the foundation and concealer into my face and there was no brush streaks to have to blend away, it literally was flawless. The product was spread around evenly and looked so natural. I noticed that especially in problem areas (like fine lines) I was able to apply make up and not have attention drawn to them.
In short I looked like me but a movie star version of me, smooth flawless skin, natural looking. I am sold.
I have since reused the Beauty Blender and had the same results so I am pretty excited about this product.
If you get the chance to buy this sponge I urge you to give it a go, I am in love and so happy that I finally bought it with the thanks of Fleur de Force and Cult Beauty.

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