Sunday, 11 August 2013

Illamasqua 'Hype' and 'Dance' powder shadow dupes

Dance (blue) and Hype (yellow) are two highly pigmented, brightly coloured powder shadows from Illamasqua. I have seen both shadows used in various tutorials but I think I may have found a cheaper dupe for both of these shadows in the Ultra Matte V1 palette by Sleek.
If you can see the last shadow on the right on the top row, you can see it looks ver similar in pan to Hype,bottom row second from the left is the dupe for Dance, but even if they look similar in the pan, do they look similar on the skin? Well in short -yes! In both the following pics the illamasqua swatch is the bottom one an the sleek swatch is on top:

As you can see they are pretty much identical on the skin, the only difference for me is that the illamasqua shadows are much more finely milled so they feel less scratchy and they do blend easier, however the sleek palette is £7.99 for all the shades you see in the picture whereas the illamasqua shadows retail at £15.50 each.
Wear time on the illamasqua one is longer but both shadows can hold up well for about 5 hours with no primer but with primer they can be stretched all day with the sleek yellow being the first to fade.

Hope you enjoyed this little dupe information! Bye for now :) 


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