Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Brushes Review

So I finally caved in and on a recent shopping trip I became the new mother to the latest release from Real Techniques, the Limited Edition Duo Fiber Brushes.

I picked these up in boots for £23.99 - A tad more expensive than the usual brush sets but you often find this with limited or special editions. I had originally been a bit hesitant to pick these brushes up due to the very mixed reviews you get online from people who have used them and been unimpressed but I decided to give them a go anyway...
On first impressions the brushes look very sleek, I like the white tips at the end and they generally just feel good to hold, easy to grip and a nice smooth texture.

I did notice that with this collection there is no carry case that has been present with previous sets by Real Techniques and personally I do like added details like this as it makes transporting them easier if you travel around. That aside lets get on to the actual performance:

The brush set comes with three limited edition brushes a face brush, a contour brush and an eye brush. The brushes are made of synthetic fibers and are cruelty free.
The claim is that they work well with cream, powder and liquid cosmetics.
The bristles all seem quite dense at the base, fanning out and becoming lighter at the top, this enables them to provide the natural, airbrushed finish that they claim to give. A lot of the bad reviews of this product I have read seem to be due to the poor product placement but these brushes aren't supposed to deliver a harsh covering, they are supposed to create a platform for buildable coverage.

  • Face Brush: 

I have to say I think this is my favourite brush in the set, this brush feels like it bounces off your face as you apply your powder or cream and it picks up just a small amount of product meaning you can build rather than end up with the dreaded clown face from using a brush with a more dense finish.
I like using this brush for an all over covering of either setting powder or bronzer and the light finish makes it perfect for summer or for adding a light covering of bronzer for those of us on the pale side.
I also find this an excellent blush brush when using highly pigmented blushes such as Sleek or Illamasqua which can tend to come out very strong with one swish in the pan.
I wasn't a fan of this with liquid, either foundation or liquid highlighter. I found that the sparse bristles weren't the best at blending vast amounts of liquid so I will stick to my normal brushes for this purpose.

  • Contour Brush:
I have been using this brush to apply highlighter to my cheekbones and it gives a lovely sheer finish, again delivering on the promise of a natural, airbrushed finish. I think in winter it will be great for a subtle contour but as it is summer and I'm sporting a bit of a tan I have been using a denser brush to give a more prominent contour but again, pale ladies might find this brush right up their street.
Another advantage of this brush is how well it can softly blend out already applied make up without leaving streaks.

  • Eye Brush:
This is a great brush for blending colours into each other after you have been mixing crease and base colours, it also does very well at lightly highlighting the brow bone. Reviews I have read online have critisised this brush at being scratchy but I didn't find that to be true for me and I think this will become a staple that I reach for when applying my daily make up.

All in all I think these brushes make a nice addition to anyone who enjoys their make up and I'm glad I picked them up to add to my ever growing collection.


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