Thursday, 2 August 2018

My Go-To Five Minute Makeup

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all coping in this heatwave we are having, personally I’ve been melting but to take my mind off the muggy misery we are going back to basics to discuss how to look put together in minutes.

As many of you will know, I very recently had a baby and if there’s one thing babies are good at, it is eating up every last second of your day. Where I would once spend a good  hour or so getting ready at leisure (listening to audio books, selecting the perfect shade of shadow), I now find myself placing my baby in his swing and backing out of the room in slow motion maintaining eye contact and smiling like a serial killer trying to convince my baby that this is all perfectly casual, I will return in one millisecond but he sees through me and starts to grumble and so my ‘get ready’ time turns into a desperate dash around the house screaming “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY CLEAN KNICKERS?!”  - joke... or maybe not a joke.

Anyway, sometimes I just have to spruce myself up a bit, like when I’m due a visit from someone and I want to look like I’m well rested and breezing through this whole motherhood adventure rather than my new look that resembles the cast of Jurassic Park after the raptors have started munching their pals... - Joke... or maybe not a joke.

To crack this routine I’ve had to have a serious product purge, experimental items do not feature, I need brands I know, love and trust to see me through these early baby days. These are brands I’ve used for years and they’ve never let me down, this is my moment of need after all and I need to know that these old friends have got my back without much effort on my part.

I picked up a sample of this IT Cosmetics CC Cream when I was in the US last year and loved it, it has medium coverage but looks way more natural than a traditional foundation. It is really easy (which means QUICK) to blend in, it colour corrects and helps conceal dark circles which means I can cut out using a separate product for my under eyes thus saving precious minutes.
Add in that it claims to moisturise and reduce the appearance of wrinkles all with a nice little factor 50 SPF, which means I can cut out using a moisturiser and a sun lotion too, it’s all about those valuable minutes people!

Next on the list is my favourite lipstick from Charlotte Tilbury, I love a bit of Charlotte Tilbury because the finishes of her products are so natural and last for ages. I am in love with this shade called Stoned Rose Which is a lovely coral pink colour but the most natural coral lipstick I’ve ever used. I also double up this lipstick as a cream blusher which continues to speed up my get-ready time and also has the handy side effect of pulling my look together as everything matches. I pop a little on my finger tips and dab into the apples of my cheeks, thank you Charlotte, you make to look alive!

Ah Urban Decay, you may remember a post I published a while back about how Urban Decay is the brand that started it all - my love of makeup that is. A good ten years later I’m still a loyal fan and I always have something from Urban Decay in my routine and at the moment I’m making use of my trusty old Naked Palettes, the shades blend with no real effort on your part, they last all day and each palette has a range of shimmers and mattes that can change your look dramatically all in one handy palette. I’m currently using my Naked 3 palette and especially liking the lighter shimmer shades to brighten up my eye area, let’s pretend I’m sleeping well shall we?

Finally I finish off my look with a quick cat eye from whatever liquid liner I'm using at the minute and a coat of mascara and I'm out the door. No pictures of these items as I've still not found my holy grail product in either of these areas.

Let me know if any of these are your products of choice!

Bye for now,

Rosy xx


Wednesday, 20 June 2018

My Induction, Labour and Birth Story


Hello Everyone!

I'm back today with some happy news, I'm now a mother of two.

Four weeks ago I was induced into labour and had a happy, healthy baby boy weighing in at 8lb 15oz. 

It feels like it took forever to finally reach the end of pregnancy and for it to be my turn to deliver, especially after I was the last one at my prenatal group to have her baby! By the end of pregnancy I had got pretty huge and uncomfortable. not to mention desperate to meet my little one.

And here he is:

My labour wasn't at all how I had planned it and so I decided to upload a video to YouTube about my experience, if you're interested in the nitty gritty of it all, feel free to watch the video for a frank discussion of the induction process and the resulting birth.

Bye for now,

Rosy xx


Thursday, 10 May 2018

Last Minute Baby Shopping | Baby GUND Roly Poly Collection


*Items received free of charge in collaboration with GUND in return for an honest review

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you some last minute baby goodies I've picked up, I say last minute because as I write this I am due in 6 days, the countdown has really got real!

I've been in a bit of a shopping frenzy of late because I wanted to wait till I was around 6/7 months pregnant before I started buying things and so when that point came, so did the boxes and bags and flat packs of joy but something I hadn't bought very much of (besides a rattle and a teether) were baby toys and so when an email popped into my inbox offering me the chance to review some extremely cute baby products from the Baby GUND Roly Poly Collection, I couldn't say no.

If you're a long time reader of this blog or a follower of my Instagram, you'll know I'm already a fan of GUND products (I own half of the Pusheen Collection for starters) so I already know a little about what to expect from the GUND brand and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

GUND products to me represent good quality soft fabrics and cute designs. As I've said, I already own half of the Pusheen collection (along with my 'mini-me' daughter who also has a soft spot for anything adorable) and so when the box arrived on my doorstep, I was really hopeful that this baby GUND collection would live up to my high expectations and eagerly took a pew to investigate.

I was sent two baby comforter/blanket toys (Lovey Horse With Cute Polka-Dot Pattern and Lovey Cow With Cute Polka-Dot Pattern) and two soft toys (Soft Toy Cow With Nodding Head Feature and Soft Toy Horse With Nodding Head Feature) to try out and review and the first thing I noticed, aside from the gorgeous pastel colours and sweet little faces, was just how extremely soft these products are. They feel perfect for newborn skin and the blanket style toys are lined underneath in satin which adds to the overall gentle feel and will be perfect for my little one to grab onto when he or she arrives.

I'm going to be taking the soft cow in my hospital bag and probably one of the blanket toys too and all of the toys are machine washable and having had a baby before, I know how important this is!

Overall I think it's pretty obvious that I love the Roly Poly range and I can't wait to meet my little one and give him or her these lovely additions to the nursery!

Have you ever had any GUND products before? Do you have an baby recommendations?

Speak soon

Rosy xx


Thursday, 19 April 2018

Vapiano Edinburgh - A New Dining Experience

Hello Everyone,

How are you all doing? I'm sitting at a window with actual sunlight pouring in and I don't want to get my hopes up but it feels like spring may actually be here!

Yesterday however, it was cold and grey in Edinburgh, with a breeze that felt capable of carrying me to Emerald City but that didn't stop us from visiting the relatively new Vapiano Restaurant in Edinburgh which turned out to be a whole new dining experience.

I should mention that being heavily pregnant, food is life to me at the moment and so when I was invited along with a friend (I took Mr Sparkles with me) to sample some of the menu and the relaxed dining atmosphere that Vapiano are famous for, I was very excited because offer this pregnant lady food and I'll be there before you can say "See you at 11"

On arrival we had the concept of the restaurant explained to us, this is when I realised just how different of a dining experience we were about to have, I knew a bit about Vapiano before I arrived but I had avoided reading any reviews online as I wanted to make sure I was really taking it all in first hand in order to get my own unique feel for the establishment.

Vapiano Edinburgh is situated over three floors, the first floor if for ordering your salads and antipasti dishes, the second floor holds the bar for drinks and desert orders and finally, the last floor held the pasta and risotto counter. The basic premise is that you are given a credit card of sorts upon arrival and after choosing a seat somewhere within the restaurant on your desired floor, you proceed to place orders at the various counters (or just one depending on what you've came for) at which point your credit card is swiped and the total of your various starters, mains, deserts and drinks are added up as you go along then when you and your party are finished your meal/meals, you approach the main desk and hand over your cards in order to pay. This is genius for a couple of reasons, gone is the awkward flagging down of a staff member to ask for a bill to arrive and also, if you're part of a group then your meal is already divided up price wise for you and you're not having to side eye Greedy Gertie in your party insisting you split the bill equally who had two starters, a main, a pudding and 6 cocktails while you had a main and a coke that day, bloody genius!

The ambiance within the whole of Vapiano is definitely a laid back and social one, it is a place you could come happily on a date but equally in a group party or with a friend or two for a low key catch up session surrounded by delicious food and tempting smells.
The layout of the bench like tables, the relaxing outdoor element of the trees at various seats and the casual Italian home feel of having fresh herbs sat on pots on your table alongside dressings and oils, lends itself to easy socialisation and takes away from the sometimes intimidating feel of being under the watchful eye of restaurant staff, the added element of visiting your chosen counters to bring your own freshly prepared food also eradicates the sometimes awkwardness of table service.

The food, oh my god the food though!! I have eaten at a lot of restaurants in various countries and cities around the world (I'm all about the food ok!) and the pasta I ordered in particular, has been one of the best pastas I've ever eaten, it was amazing! Pasta is made fresh each day in the 'Pasta Manifattura' (pictured above) and wow, you could definitely tell.
We tried a variety of what Vapiano had to offer and had two starters, two mains and two deserts. We were pleasantly surprised to be asked if we would like meals customised (more garlic? addition of chilli?) and I like how this means you're going to get a meal perfect for your own tastes.

Bruschetta Gamberetti

Bruschetta Mozzarella

Crema Di Funghi

Risotto Gamberetti E Pomodoro

The Risotto and Pasta Main Dishes Again

Tiramisu Della Cassa

Death By Chocolate

I can't wait to come back to Vapiano next time I'm in the city, I know I've raved about the pasta but I've not stopped drooling over it since I left the restaurant!

Have you been to a Vapiano restaurant before? If you have, let me know your thoughts of this unique dining experience.

I am also including a loo selfie of my huge pregnant frame because... why not!

Speak soon everyone,

Rosy xx
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