Tuesday, 12 March 2019

My Sister Is Missing By Julia Barrett

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Hello Everyone,

Hope you're all keeping well, I've been fighting off a mammoth cold that has been with me for weeks! The end is in sight hopefully so today I'm back for my place on the 'My Sister Is Missing' blog tour today, so let's get into it.

Jess's sister Stephanie loves being a new mum, and is besotted with her baby daughter Natalie. She's tired and a bit anxious, but that's natural, isn't it?

However, one night Stephanie disappears, taking Natalie with her. Jess tries to convince herself that there's a perfectly reasonable explanation but as time goes on and CCTV images appear of a young woman with a baby, jumping in front of a high-speed train, Jess fears the worst. But was it Stephanie? And if not, where has she gone? And what does husband Adam have to hide?

In turmoil Jess goes in search of answers, but she isn't prepared for what she uncovers... or for what happens next.

My Sister is Missing is an intense, twisted, psychological thriller that will make you question what is real, and whether you really can trust those you love.

I have to say, I've read some fantastic books lately and after really enjoying a story I can struggle to get into another piece of writing but that wasn't the case with 'My Sister Is Missing' as, unusually for me, I was hooked by the first page.

This is a tale of love, lies, familial relationships and mental health issues with a fast paced and intriguing narrative that leads us down the rabbit hole of Stephanie's life with a fair few sub plots along the way.

I do really enjoy a story that deals with family secrets as we all have our own and there's something so deliciously enticing about a gradual reveal into the lives and hidden pasts of other people, as 'My Sister Is Missing' unfolds we are introduced to a painful past both sisters would rather forget and I enjoyed this added layer woven into the story.

The ending wasn't the ending I have anticipated which surprised me as I usually have a pretty good nose for what is coming next so that definitely enhanced my experience and overall, I'd say that this is a pretty entertaining read if you're a fan of the genre, which as you probably all know, I most certainly am.

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Thank you to RedDoor Books for including me in the tour!

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Monday, 25 February 2019

Lavera Brilliant Care Lipsticks

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Hello Everyone!

Today I’m back to talk to talk about a brand I recently discovered - Lavera, and in particular, their brilliant care lipsticks.

As a lot of you will know and be able to relate to, natural and cruelty free products are big news right now, as consumers we have started to have our eyes opened to the less than savoury practices undertaken by a lot of our favourite brands in the interests of lining their pockets rather than taking a more moral stand. This has eventually led to a lot of us demanding more from our makeup and skincare in the form of better ingredients and no harm to bunnies (or any other poor creature that spends its life being a test pot for chemical reactions).

On my quest for feel good products I was kindly introduced to Lavera, a brand that is known for being friends of the animals and the planet and so that makes them my friend too. I was sent three of their ‘Brilliant Care’ lipsticks to test out from their new collection containing a total of four lipsticks. What makes this collection so interesting is that they contain Q10 which is a well known, anti-ageing ingredient usually seen in skincare and as lips are one of the first places we start seeing ageing signs, this comes as a welcome treat.

Each lipstick retails at £12.90 and comes with the assurance that they’re paraben free, certified natural and, of course, cruelty free.

Each colour delivers a pretty, sheer coverage for a natural look. All three colours that I’ve been testing are easy wearing and feel comfortable on the lips thanks to the ingredients including a blend of moisturing, natural ingredients including Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Aloe Vera.

I’ve been wearing nothing else but these lipsticks for the past couple of weeks as I wanted to really put them to the test, I have pretty sensitive skin around my mouth and have had reactions from several leading brands in the past (I’m talking itching, burning and a red rash that looks as if I’ve been getting a bit too pally with some wire wool) and I’m happy to report that I’ve not seen any of these reactions.

I’ve got some less than flattering mug shots of myself wearing each of the three shades below, be warned, I’ve not slept in a good while #MumLife:

Light Hazel

Strawberry Pink

Oriental Rose

Overall I’m really impressed with these lipsticks and they’re going to replace a product I used to love before the great reveal of companies that test on animals so I’m thrilled that they found their way to me.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried anything from this brand and how you got on, or if you have any similar recommendations for me.

All lipsticks are available from Lavera UK and were provided free of charge for an honest review.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

The Good Friend by Jo Baldwin

Hello Everyone!

It's been a little while since I've posted around here, I've been taking a little break and concentrating on my YouTube channel (which is primarily book reviews and book chat) which you can find by searching SparklesBooks on YouTube or clicking here, but today I'm here to talk about an ARC copy of The Good Friend by Jo Baldwin, an evocative psychological drama set within the beautiful backdrop of rural France in the summertime.

The story follows Jenny, an accomplished professional swimmer who gave up everything, her friends, her boyfriend, her home country and the life she knew to pursue her career goals in Australia on the advice of everyone around her, swept along in pressure and the glory of her success, Jenny finally comes up for air eight years later and wants to rebuild her abandoned relationships, especially that with her old best friend - Kath.

Kath has also moved on from their old UK life and is running a business in the beautiful surroundings of the lavender fields in France, but that isn't the only life changing move she's made.

Jenny finds herself reunited with her former friend and the man who broke her heart in close surroundings of the isolated countryside of which she doesn't speak the language and is forced to examine the relationships she has been romanticising for the past eight years and the results are shocking as Jenny slowly starts to unravel a shared past, an uncertain future and the lies and manipulation that lie between.

The Good Friend was a page turning read that most of us can relate to on some level confronting unhealthy attachments, jealousy and spite - all within an opposing setting of pure tranquility.

I'd love to know if any of you have read 'The Good Friend' or if you plan on reading it?

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Friday, 14 December 2018

Millie and Max - Little Kid Music That Big Kids Enjoy!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you're all suitably filled with mulled wine and holiday cheer, I know I am...

*Camera cuts away from the lit tree to me crying in the corner over an ever growing 'To-Do' list*

Anywayyyyyyyy, today we are here to discuss a recent find that has been a saving grace for me, the Millie and Max - Little Stars CD.

Now I don't know about any of you out there, but I absolutely love parenthood, the baby cuddles, the funny things kids say, chubby little hands and life changing hugs but oh my life, music for kids sucks big time! If I have to hear 'Baby Shark' one more time, I might actually lose my bloody mind!

And then, enter stage right, Millie and Max with their CD entitled 'Little Stars' promising good clean family fun that the whole family can enjoy. I wont lie my friends, I was skeptical as I've heard of this elusive 'Music For Everyone' before and... well let's just say there's been a few charity shop donations from me.

Then the opening music for Twinkle Twinkle began, followed by a beautiful, delicate voice singing out the most gorgeous version of this song that I've ever heard, don't believe me? I'll insert a YouTube clip of the song below.

But it didn't stop there, the following songs were all unique and enjoyable for kids and adults alike, I found myself singing along and not in that usual brainwashed way of regurgitating nursery rhymes (fellow parents, you know what I mean!), I actually enjoyed these songs!

Millie and Max have taken popular children's nursery rhymes and added new music and styles to them which range from indie to rock, brooding to bouncy and of course, all the lyrics are child friendly which is great for rap/rock music fans like me because I'll not have to face anymore questions such as "Mum, what does 'fup you' mean?"... Never happened to you? Yeah, me neither aha, ahaha, ahem.

I love the idea behind the Millie and Max CD, for years we have seen movies aimed at children incorporating jokes for the grown ups so that we can enjoy the on screen shenanigans just as much as our wide eyed, innocent offspring (the 'Shrek' movies are masters of the double entendre) and so it's about time that music started to bridge the gap too.

Here's what the people behind Millie and Max have to say:

Millie and Max love singing Nursery Rhymes,
and love singing along to Mum and Dad’s music.

Mum and Dad don’t like singing along to Nursery Rhymes!
So Millie and Max collected some Nursery Rhymes in the style of Mum and Dad’s music, and called the album “Little Stars”.
Now everyone can enjoy music together!

As I've already said, I loved 'Twinkle Twinkle' little star, it is definitely my favourite song on the album but my other favorites were 'Three Blind Mice' (which is dark and interesting to hear) and 'Three Little Monkeys' (which is rocky, upbeat and fun). Car journeys will definitely be easier from now on.

Do you have any other great music for kids recommendations?

Speak soon,

Rosy xx
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