Friday, 29 May 2020

How To Feel Better About Yourself

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're all doing well, it's been quite the period of uncertainty and upheaval lately, not seeing friends and family has been a weird one for us but, to use a phrase that has been bouncing around in the media lately, I'm finding that I'm getting used to this 'New Normal' and I actually don't hate it anymore.

During this time we have all had a lot of time for reflecting, for some it has been about learning what is important to them, for some it has been a time to be inspired and work on creative outlets, for others... well, let's just say there's been some major trollery going on.

Watching things unfold online over and over again, or hearing stories in real life of how horrible some people are being during this time when we are all suffering has really got me reflecting about people and how they behave.
I get it, people are low and frightened, they might have lost a loved one, they may feel cut off from their support network or they might feel that no one cares about them right now and they're projecting these negative feelings onto anyone that they can come across, like a tidal wave of negativity. In turn this leads to negativity from the targeted person and, depending on their strength of character, it can lead for further lashing out and very rapidly a pattern emerges.

Being a link in this chain is not only harmful to others but to you, you might not realise it yet but putting negativity into the world can directly harm your mental health (unless you're an absolute cretin but I refuse to believe that anyone reading this would fall into that category). If you really want to feel good about yourself then I hate to be the one to break it to you but :

You Have To Try To Be A Good Person 

I'm not saying you can never clap back, I'm a firm believer that some people deserve a good slap around the face with a massive wet fish but that's a post for another day, the key word here is 'try' and one of my favourite ways to spread a bit of happiness is through Random Acts Of Kindness, I have a video on my channel of 5 Acts of Kindness You Can Do From Home but here are a list of 5 other things that you can do easily to help those around you, and best of all? They're incredibly easy.

  1. Compliment Someone: A simple compliment can brighten someones day, I think we all know that one. Try this one out, next time you're being served in a shop, tell the person behind the counter that their earrings are nice or you like their t-shirt (don't get creepy here, you want to make them feel happy not that you're going to follow them home, a light compliment then move on is key).
  2. Offer To Help If The Moment Arises: This one involves reacting to what you see around you, instead of pretending you don't notice someone struggling, politely offer assistance, not everyone will accept your help but some will and you'll brighten their day a little. I've done this so many times, from big things such as spending 40 mins helping a woman push her car out of the mud to simply unscrewing a tight tap for a neighbour, you're helping.
  3. Send Gifts: Friend having a bad day, got a little extra money in your bank account? Get online and send them a little care package and don't tell them, it doesn't have to cost a lot, I frequestly stick to less than £10 but when they get an unexpected little present, their day is instantly better.
  4. Give Things Away: Got some books you won't be reading again? Children's toys? Pretty dresses that you know you won't be needing again? Get them to your local charity shop. Easy.
  5. Car Park Fees: I know that this doesn't apply at the moment with social distancing and places being largely closed, but it's one for your repertoire. Have you paid for all day parking but you're leaving with a few hours to spare? Hand over that ticket to someone you see coming into the car park as you leave. Done.
You'll notice that the more things you do to help others and spread kindness, the better you will feel about yourself over time. Being a nice person doesn't cost anything, but the rewards are endless.

Tell me your favourite ways of spreading good feeling!

Till next time,

Rosy x

Friday, 22 May 2020

How I Got My Life Back

Hello Everyone,

Long time no speak and that's kind of the focus of today's post really.

Today I'm going to tell you about how I got my life back in a world that no longer made sense.

Last year I was struggling, there was nothing in particular that I could put my finger on but I just knew that I was treading water and I was in real danger of sinking.

I had a new baby, a child in school, social appointments, a youtube channel, this blog, my social media and some personal issues to juggle and at night I was finding myself lying awake for hours mentally going over tomorrow's 'to do' list and then, when I finally would succumb to sleep, I'd be woken half an hour later to night feeds. In short - I was exhausted.

I eventually decided that I would have to make some life changes or I was going to end up burning myself out, I was juggling too many things and doing them badly which only added to my ever growing stress levels as I knew that I could do better which ended in a cycle of trying to do more, watching myself come up short each time, stressing about it and trying again with the same results.

The time had come to take my life back.

I abandoned a good portion of my life and focused on only a few key areas, allowing myself to float freely in new motherhood and see if I noticed a difference in my stress levels.

Reader, it worked perfectly.

My blog was one of the areas to go, it was a hard decision as I had been working on growing it for years, it was doing well, I was getting a decent amount of work, I had good engagement levels but it took up so much of my time, reviewing items, scheduling posts, photographing and editing items, and then there was the instagramming, the book reviews I needed to do for YouTube, the daily life, the other areas of my personal life that I won't go into today but wow, the workload was immense.

I decided to just stop blogging, just not open that blog tab anymore, stop checking my stats, stop accepting sponsors, take myself off blogging lists and presto, I was no longer a blogger.
I carried on with YouTube, I was going to be reading anyway so it made sense to keep this area of my online presence going ( its Sparkles Books if anyone is interested, I upload twice weekly).

My Instagram turned into a travel theme instead of a blog theme, simply because I was out and about seeing my local area rather than sitting indoors blogging. Gone were the beauty flatlays, my Instagram was now a sea of... well... sea!

In time I also opened another Instagram account that was dedicated to book flatlays only, this allowed me to get a free ten minutes still working on creativity without it becoming too much of 'a thing'.

So that instagram account is here if you like bookish goodness.

Another area of my life that I scaled back was my social engagements too, that may be controversial in some people's opinion because I know that socialising is key to a lot of people's positive mental health, but for me, I'm an introvert and having too many social outings actually leaves me feeling stressed and so I closed my appointment book and just let it sit there, empty... and it felt great.

Bit by bit I've found that I'm returning to where I used to be, there's less stress and more being present and I've come to realise that I was looking at everything in a way that was setting me up for failure, I didn't need to do everything I was doing, I was putting that pressure on myself and sorting out the things I need to do from the things I want to do and the things I was pressured to do has been enlightening.

I'm still here, I'm still learning and I'm still around on social media, am I the same person I was 5 years ago? absolutely not but you know what? I'm ok with that.

Till next time.

Rosy x

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Staying Bright When The Weather Is Dull

*Post Contains Gifted Items

Hello Everyone,

Wow what a few weeks, 3 weeks ago my daughter brought the seasonal sickness bug home with her from school and this was no normal bug, this is the worst bug I've seen in a long time, I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say, the whole family have been down for the past few weeks and I've just recovered from it myself within the last two days.

Seasonal bugs are just one of the ways that the Autumn/Winter season plays havoc with your skin, after being unwell you just have that look about you, don't you?  That grey pallor, the haunted eyes... we've all been there my friends! There's also the weather to give you that gorgeous little hint of the undead about your complexion, the cold air blasting in your face, the rain battering you sideways, not to mention the sudden resurgence of indoor heating that loves to dry out your skin.

I think you all get the point that I'm trying to make, the turn of the seasons can be the turn of doom for your healthy glow if you're not careful - but we are careful over in these parts and I'm here to tell you how I'm fighting the ghost face this winter.

Vitamin C is something we all know we need in our systems, but recently we have started seeing Vitamin C pop up in our skincare products. It's not hard to see why as Vitamin C is well known for its help in collagen production which translates to younger looking skin, I need this, I'm getting old.

Sesderma are a cult Spanish skincare brand that have developed some amazing products over time, including the 'C-Vit' range using, as the name suggests, Vitamin C in their various skincare products.

Over the past month I have been trialing their C-Vit Moisturising Facial Cream and their C-Vit Eye Contour Cream and I am really impressed with the results. I've stopped wearing foundation this past year in a bid to cut down on product use and I was nervous that my skin was looking a bit dull at times after being used to having that flawless look but after this past month - sick bug and all, my skin is definitely looking more awake.

The creams both sink into the skin without residue and have a luxurious feel to them, The facial cream is a gel cream that is perfect for daily use, morning and night. My skin feels like it drinks this cream straight up and is soft to the touch.

I know some of you are sensitive to scents in face creams and I'm here to give you the heads up that the C-Vit Facial Cream has a slight orange scent, I personally really like it, it smells clean and natural but I know not everyone feels the same way regarding perfumes!

The C-Vit Eye Contour Cream is equally as pleasing, it is built to combat the signs of fatigue and ageing, which is everything I want right now  because, between you and me, I’m on the wrong side of 30 now and with a young baby in the mix, I’m a lot more tired than I used to be.

I’ve loved using the C-Vit eye cream and have found In the last week that I’ve not needed any concealer in order to leave the house, unheard of for me.

Vitamin C is definitely going to be my go-to ingredient in skincare now, it helps tackle free radicles, it can help protect you from UV rays and it helps try and keep you looking youthful. I’m going to look more into the Sesderma brand as they’ve gained my trust.

Next up is my absolute favourite, the PMD Clean Pro. I originally started trialing this beautiful skincare tool as soon as it arrived but then, disaster struck and I also used a facial cream that gave me a very nasty reaction (we’re talking skin peeling here my friends, I looked like an actual zombie) so while that was healing, I didn’t use any tools or creams or makeup and so my trial had to begin again (after binning the cream from actual hell) - we’ve just passed the month mark and I’m thrilled to tell you that PMD haven’t let me down.

The PMD Clean Pro is built to help you get the best best from your skincare and cleansing routine by breaking down oil and dirt from your pores at 7,000 vibrations a minute.

Continuous use of the tool helps with firming and toning the skin and the vibrations also help to make your skincare products absorb deeper into the skin, giving you the best best results from your chosen items.

What is really unique about the PMD Clean Pro is the Rose Quartz section on the reverse side which has elements of magnesium, iron and oxygen. This side of the PMD is to be used for facial massage and the addition of the Rose Quartz reduces inflammation and tension.

It feels fantastic, I've been using this whilst sitting reading on an evening to really wind down, I can't stress to you all how much of a nightmare the past couple of months has been in terms of health and luck! I haven't had such a bad run in a few years and so I've been feeling the tension in my facial muscles and I've suffered a lot of head aches and I've been using this beautiful facial massage side to ease out the tension I'm holding and I can feel the results immediately.

Finally, I love the silicone skin on the PMD because it is super easy to keep clean and it is odor resistant and waterproof and therefore, really handy to have around for the busy lifestyles we all lead, you can grab and go without much fuss and I for one am here for it.

I also must point out that the people at PMD are some of the nicest that I've come across in the blogging world!

Have you used any of these yet?

How do you keep your skin bright?

Talk to you all soon,

Rosy xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

It's Only Natural


Hello Everyone!

It's been a little while since I popped up on here, truth is, I've been having some much needed R&R after what has been a rather hectic time.

In my personal life, I have found myself at a crossroads with some huge life choices ahead of me and being a Mum means that the path I take will not only alter the lives of my husband and me but also the small people in our home and potentially, future generations to come - talk about pressure!

One huge change that I've been slowly implementing within my family is a return to nature and a more natural lifestyle overall, this has meant that I've been phasing out a lot of my old habits (such as rushing out to buy the latest makeup releases from brands I've recently learned are not a fit with my lifestyle and you know what? I don't miss it!

During my time away, I have been offered a lot of PR samples that I've turned down, as I've said, my interests have changed and I'm not the same Rosy that started this blog six years ago but then something interesting dropped into my inbox - a makeup palette from Benecos.

Benecos make a range of natural makeup products without any synthetic ingredients that we see popping up time and time again in other brands, I won't bore you with the ins and outs of these undesirable ingredients because I'm sure you're all aware of the nasty reactions they can cause the consumer so I'll move swiftly on and give you another reason that I came out of exile for Benecos:

They Don't Test On Animals

Benecos have produced an interchangeable palette that allows you to customise the shades and products that you have with you, with slim eyeshadows and slightly chunkier cheek products, it is easy to arrange your dream palette.

The palette opens at the back with an easy pull out tray which allows you to slide your colours in and out to suit your individual taste. 

The colours I was sent to try out all wear beautifully and have no patching during application, the cheek products in particular are stunning to wear, I love the shimmer in the blush!

I've made the palette my own by swapping things around a little and I'm really pleased with it, I will say though, that I wish the cheek palettes were slightly bigger as I only have one brush that fits comfortably into the pan without grabbing eye colours too, but apart from that, I'm going to be reaching for this palette daily for the foreseeable future.

I hope you've all had a lovely summer and I'll be back again soon,

bye for now,

Rosy xx
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